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Oil Vs Gas Boiler


The home heating industry today offers many different choices when it comes to buying boilers. Some of these choices can be easier to make when buying a boiler.Oil VS Gas Boiler For example it might be easier to decide on a brand name like a Weil Mclain boiler because the highly popular and reliable Beckett burner that comes with the boiler. On the other hand that type of boiler is oil fired, so you might not want an oil fired boiler, but instead a natural gas fired unit. Deciding if you want to go with what type fuel will be your biggest choice so lets talk about Oil Vs Gas.

One of things you have to find out right from the start what types of fuel are available in your area. Oil BoilerIn some areas natural gas is not available but propane is so you would still be able to choose between Oil Vs Gas but just not natural gas. So make sure to find out what is available to your actual address where you will be installing the boiler. A common mistake or assumption rather is that natural gas is available in the town you live i but sometimes not your street, so if you go and order a boiler then find out your street does not have natural gas you could have a big costly mistake on your hands.

Price of Oil Heating Vs Gas Heating:

The price of natural gas heating compared to oil heating can be cheaper depending on a few things. Oil can also be cheaper as well and that will also depend on a few things as well. Let’s talk about what those things are. If you were to buy a high efficiency gas fired boiler with an AFUE of 89% or higher it would be cheaper to heat your home then if you used a oil fired boiler. Now if you were to have an older gas fired heating unit it would be way more expensive to operate. With today’s current technology growing at an alarming rate most natural gas and LP boilers are rated high efficiency.

Oil Vs Gas Boiler Repair &Maintenance:

One of the downsides of an oil burner is when they break down they really break down. The parts can be very expensive and finding a good service man for an oil burner can be a tough task in some areas. Gas fired units will break down less and when they break down its only a handful of things that go wrong compared to an oil burner where there is hundreds of parts that cab break.

Which is actually Better…..Oil Vs Gas?

That answer will have to be decided by you.

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