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BioHeatUSA Froling P4 Pellet Boiler


There are many different types of boilers out there, there are oil boilers, gas boilers, and electric boilers and now there are pellet boilers. The pellets are made from wood shavings and sawdust by wood processing businesses. These types of pellets are made with a high energy density plus they are small so they are easy to store.BioHeatUSA Froling P4 Pellet Boiler

There are some great benefits of using the P4 Pellet Boiler, some of these advantages include that they offer an insulation that is combined with a one of a kind design used for heat retention. The Efficiency Optimization System is the newest technology and it is used for high efficient with an automatic drive that is used for constant cleaning. Some other benefits of the P4 Pellet Boilers are that it has a speed regulated induced drought fan for the highest operating safety. There is a lot of space to store the pellets. There is an automatic slide grate that is used to easily remove ash as well as maintain a low maintenance unit. The unit has an automatic ignition for better start up and it has a special, one of a kind cyclone fitment that has an integrated silencer for a more quiet operation.
BioHeatUSA Froling P4 Pellet Boiler
Some of the features that come with the P4 Pellet Boiler, the Plug and Play features offers an unpack, plug it in and you can start heating right away. The unit is compact and it is easy to position. Installation on the P4 is easy and trouble free. Another great feature are the safety concepts, the advantages of that are the highest possible operating safety plus the unit has a maximum reliability. The Speed Regulated induced draught fan and lambda control. These controls are easy to use and they have a permanent optimization of combustion. One of the best features of the boiler is the self-cleaning system. The benefits of the self-cleaning system are that it keeps the combustion clean and it has very low emissions. Plus the automatic ash removal feature is included.

There are many different ways to install this boiler. There is the Bag Silo System, the Universal Suction System and the Screw Suction System. Each one has its purpose; some methods are used as supplemental storage space. The application in which you are using the system will depend on which installation system you will be using. These units are compact units, they measure in size from the 740mm in length, a 930mm, in length included the induced draught fan. The width of the boiler is 600mm. There are 6 different models that belong to the P4 Pellet Series boilers. The rated heat output ranges from 10,500 kW to 38,000kW. The water capacity that these boilers can hold is from 70 liters to 125 liters.

Question: What if the property does not have a lot of storage space, where can I store these pellets?

Answer: There are Underground Feeder Tank Systems available. These are buried outdoors and the system feeds the pellets by a suction pipe.

Question: How do we obtain the pellets?

Answers: The Pellets are delivered by a tanker truck that will unload the pellets directly into the storage place of your choice.

Question: Are the pellets environmentally friendly?

Answer: Yes, these pellets burn clean because they are made from wood shavings and sawdust.

If your property is looking to improve the efficiency of the boiler, try the P4 Pellet Series Boilers. These are highly efficient and they burn clean. There are no gas or oil leaks to ever worry about. This boiler is on the edge of the newest technology.

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