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Swimming Pool Owners Start Up Guide


Here are some steps and some articles to help you

Before you open the swimming pool you might want to read:
How To Prevent Swimming Pool Opening Damage

1)You will need to get the pump and filter going.You will need to prime the pump.
If you have a Hayward Super Pump This article will show you how to prime it:
Hayward Super Pump Repair Guide –

2) Once you get the pump running you will need to shock the pool heavy:
Here are some articles about shocking your pool:
How To Shock Your Swimming Pool –
Liquid Vs Powdered Swimming Pool Shock –
Swimming Pool Shock Buyers Guide –

3) Next You will need to learn how to clear a green pool and you can find that article here:
Top Five Ways To Clear A Green Swimming Pool –

4) You will need to adjust your PH and ALK, This article shows you how:
Use Baking Soda In Your Swimming Pool –

5) You will need to learn how to back wash your pool filter:
Complete Back washing Guide For D.E. Pool Filters -
How To Clean Hayward Grid D.E. Filters –

6) And then you will need to learn how to ad DE to your pool:
How To Add DE To Your Pool –

let me know if the above helps you, If you have more questions please feel free to ask.

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