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Liquid Vs Powdered Swimming Pool Shock


Swimming pool shock is often used to help clear a green swimming pool or to just boost the chlorine level in the swimming pool, but choosing what type of swimming pool shock can be a tough choice if you have no idea about what type is best for you. The two most common types of swimming pool shock are liquid and powdered swimming pool shock. Both types of swimming pool shock will raise the chlorine level in your pool. Some people like to use powered and some people swear by the liquid type. The question that many people often ask is which type of pool shock is better for their pool.

Liquid Pool Shock Vs Powered Shock

To determine what type of swimming pool shock is best for you and your pool will depend on a number of things. Liquid shock usually is sold by the gallon size container, which can be heavy and take up lots of space if you’re going to need a lot. Powdered shock is sold by the pound size bag, but will usually have to be pre-mixed in a bucket of water to prevent staining of the vinyl swimming pool liner.

Some advantages of the liquid type shock is that you can just pour it directly into your swimming pool and in will instantly start to raise the chlorine level in the pool water. You will have to be careful not to let the liquid shock splash or your clothes or your shoes otherwise the shock could damage them just like bleach would. When pouring liquid shock into your swimming pool it is always best to try to pour the shock in as low as you can to the water to prevent splashing.
HTH Sock It (Shock-N-Swim)
An average size swimming pool will usually require four gallons of swimming pool shock at the time of the opening and the pool closing. During the pool season its also best to shock the swimming pool when your chlorine level is below normal. You also will want to shock the swimming pool after a party or heavy use. Powdered Shock also offers many types of advantages for the swimming pool owner that does not mind to pre-mix the pool shock. Powered shock is also great for swimming pool owners that own in ground swimming pools with filter systems that have multidirectional port valves called a multiport. If you have a swimming pool with a multiport on your filter you can adjust the position of the multiport to re-circulate and add the pool shock to the pool skimmer that is closet to the filter system. Once you add the pool shock to the skimmer when the filter system is on re-circulates, the pool shock will go through the swimming pool plumbing, by-passing the filter and back into the pool. This will save you from mixing the shock the traditional way, which is to mix it pound by pound in the bucket with water before adding it to the pool.
Liquid Pool Shock
So to answer the question, “Which swimming shock is better Liquid Or Powdered?” the answer is really up to you. If you have a multiport you could use the powered or the liquid. You might not want to lift heavy gallons of shock, so the powered bags might be best for you. Every pool is as unique as the pool owner so the individual must make the decision. Sometimes when swimming pool shock is on sale people will just buy whichever one is cheaper. You can buy swimming pool shock in many places both online and offline. Some people will have the pool shock delivered by their local swimming pool company or local supply store. Others will buy there will pool shock from bulk and discount supply stores. You can also find shock in many home centers.

Popular Swimming Pool Shock Questions:

How much liquid shock should I use?

You will first need to check the chlorine level in your pool and then take that and the swimming pool size and look on the side of the container of shock that you are using for the correct amount to add to your pool. The amount can vary depending on the strength and type of swimming pool shock you buy.

How heavy is a gallon of shock?

The gallon of swimming pool shock will weight around eight or nine pounds. If you buy liquid pool shock buy the case you will have to times that number by four to get the correct weight of the case.

If you have another pool shock question, Please ask below:



    • Hi Audrey,

      Yes Liquid Shock and Powdered Shock are both good if the correct dosage is added to the swimming pool.

      Let me know if you have any more questions,


  2. Trying everything to get our pool completely clear, it is still cloudy. We did 6 bags of powdered shock last night and pool is still reading 0.5 chlorine and cloudy. Pool store says to up it to 12 bags tonight. Will liquid be better for this? By the way, all the other levels are perfect.

    • Hi Kristy,

      1) What size is your swimming pool, let me also know if in ground or above?

      2) What type of filter do you have , sand , DE or Cartridge?

      Please let me know and I can help you further,


    • Hi Kristy, I had the same problem with the chlorine reading, I used Durachlor, the reading is rite up there now.

  3. Is the liquid Clorox Bleach that comes in the plastic 1 gallon jug with %6.00 Sodium Hypochlorite the same as Liquid Pool Shock but for the higher percentage of Sodium Hypochlorite in the pool shock?

  4. Recently had an severe algae bloom due to fertilizer chemicals getting in the pool. How much shock should I use to clear it up? And should I use liquid or powder
    in gound
    16k gallons
    pleated cartridge filter

  5. Is one pound of powder shock equal to one gallon of liquid shock? I was told to add 2 packs of powder shock after adding 24 oz algicide. I have liquid shock and I’m not sure if the dosage is the same.

  6. We have a 28000 gallon pool. Recently we had a report of bacteria in thewater. How much liquid ahock should we use o clear up the bacteria. t

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