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Best Bidet Seats of 2009


Many people when they think of Bidets think of the rich and famous. But not many people have the room for bidets in their bathrooms. If a bidet is something that you are interested in but don’t have the room, there is an alternative. More and more companies are manufacturing just the bidet seats; these seats can turn your standard toilet into a bidet for a fraction of the cost. We have complied a list of the 4 best bidet seats of 2009. Best Bidet Seats of 2009

All of these bidet seats are amazing bathroom fixtures that have come a long way since the standard toilet. Bidets can be a bit expensive and they do require some space. Let’s take a look at the best bidet seats of 2009. They are the Bio Bidet Prestige Bidet Seats, the TOTO Washlet E200, the BIO Bidet BB-1000 and the Daelim Bidet DB3001 Seat. Let’s see what each of these bidet seats offers and if they fit what you are looking for.

Bio Bidet 800 Prestige Bidet Seat

Bio Bidet BB-800 Prestige Bidet Seat
The Bio Bidet 800 Prestige Bidet Seat is a technologically advanced bidet seat. With the Prestige Bidet Seat you can help improve or keep up with your personal hygiene with style. This seat has a newly designed control panel that is so easy that anyone can do it. The Bio Bidet 800 has 1 pocket and three different nozzle systems that contain the Anterior, Posterior and the new Turbo Wash setting. The Bio Bidet 800 Prestige Bidet Seat comes with a capacitance seat sensors. The seat comes with a seat sensor and a warm air dry setting. The seat is a hydraulic seat and cover. If that is impressive, how about a massage and oscillating setting too? The specifications of the Bio Bidet 800 Prestige Seat are a water inlet type of direct inlet flow type and a water pressure of 5.69 psi to 106.7 psi. The voltage on the power supply for the United States is 120 vac with 60 hz and 660 watts.

The Posterior Wash and the Feminine Wash has a maximum 0.32 gallons per minute. The water temperature is set at 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The heater on the seat is 600 watts. The Bio Bidet 800 Prestige Seat is easy to install and the company has them specifically designed for the Do It Yourselfer. The Bio Bidet 800 Prestige Bidet Seat costs about $ 449.00. It is available in Round and Elongated Seats.

TOTO Washlet E200 SW844 Elongated Seat

TOTO Washlet E200 SW844 Elongated Seat
The TOTO Washlet E200 SW844 Bidet Seat has an adjustable heated water tank with adjustable rear and front washes. The TOTO Washlet has a slim and sleek design. The power rating is 120 VAC with a 60 HZ with 1277 watts. The maximum temperature 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The drying air temperature is a high 140 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 104 degrees. The water supply has a minimum pressure of 20 psi. The TOTO Washlet E200 SW844 will not fit every toilet design, on the website Performance Toilets you will find a fitters guide to help you figure out if your toilet style is compatible with the TOTO Washlet E200.

This bidet seat has some cool safety features such as a temperature fuse, a bi metal sensor equipped with an auto reset and a float switch that will prevent boiling. The TOTO Washlet E200 SW844 offers a massage feature and a warm air dryer with a temperature controlled heat seat that has an energy saver function. Even the bidet seats are environmentally friendly and energy efficient. You will get a good cleaning every single time. The Washlet is reliable and durable and is built to last. It comes in three different colors, Colonial White, Cotton and Sedona Beige. The TOTO Washlet E200 SW844 is priced around $565.47. If you shop around you may be able to find a better price but the TOTO Washlet E200 is a great way to stay clean and healthy.

Bio Bidet BB-1000 Supreme Bidet

Bio-Bidet BB 1000 Supreme
The Bio Bidet BB-1000 Supreme Bidet comes with a remote control that provides access to setting your own water temperature and water pressure. Now you can have your own private bidet in your own home with the preferences that you like and not what the company thinks you should have. The cleansing happens at a simple touch of the button. Both of the features offer an adjustable temperature setting as well. The BB-1000 offers a very strong deodorizer with a carbon filter to absorb the germs and odors that may linger. The bidet seat offers an auto smart power saving mode and a patented single pocket, three nozzle system for a thorough cleaning every time. The Supreme Bidet Seat offers a Built in Filter with a Hydraulic Seat and Cover. The seat is designed with a safety sensor and a self-diagnosing system.

The BB-100 from Bio Bidet comes with a smart power saving function that can actually figure out the moist frequently used times of the day. Then it will release the string deodorizers to keep the bathroom smelling nice and fresh. The BB-1000 also offers a self-cleaning method, posterior and anterior settings. The Bio Bidet BB-1000 Supreme Bidet has a heated seat that can cover up to 30% coverage of the heating element. The Bio Bidet BB-1000 comes in White or Beige and round or elongated seats. The cost is around $ 499.00; if you do more research you may be able to find one for a better price.

Daelim Bidet DB3001 Seat

The Daelim Bidet DB3001 Seat is one of the premier bidet seats in the industry. This bidet seat comes with a heated seat that works with a power supply of 120V, 60 HZ and 560 watts. The DB3001 Bidet Seat has a personal area cleaning mode and an adjustable water and seat temperature. The bidet seat is perfect for both men and women. It has a massage cleaning mode and a rhythmic cleaning style as well. The Bidet Seat has a self-cleaning nozzle design that is active power assisted.

The Daelim Bidet DB3001 Seat has a heated seat with low, medium and high settings. The seat has a temperature control mode that works with the seat, water and the heated drier. There is a built in odor minimizer system that works to keep within the concept of cleanliness. There are some great convenience features on the DB3001 Bidet Seat. For example, the DB3001 comes with an energy saver button and an active seat sensor. The Daelim Bidet DB3001 has 0.31 gallons per minute flow rate. It has an air flow rate of 0.36 per minute. The water supply is a direct connect to the water supply pipe. The DB3001 comes with a slow down seat and lid. It has a protection of low temp and a hand operate cleaning nozzle. The Daelim Bidet is just one of many great designs. The Daelim Bidet DB3001 Seat costs around $525.00. There are so many different brands and styles of bidet seats on the market. The prices may seem expensive but there shouldn’t be a price placed on good hygiene. These bidet seats are great for you and the entire family. For those with health considerations these seats are complete asset. Most home do not have room for bidets or an afford one.

But with these company and product profiles, choosing and buying a bidet seat is possible. If you had to buy a new toilet or plumbing fixture, you would be paying the around the same price. Good hygiene is a just as important today than it ever has been before. With the right equipment good hygiene would become second nature. Take some time and compare and comparison shop and see which brand and bidet is best suited for your bathroom.


  1. Can’t seem to make up my mind….

    My future wife has had a real old fashion bidet all her life, we are building our house at the moment and the plans were designed in order to have sufficient space for a real bidet, but Im a futureistic person and the bidet slash toilet seats seem so interresting.

    What do i do. Will my wife be pissed at me because I convinced her to sacrifice the old fashioned bidet for a futureistic bidet… I like the idea because to me it seems like it gives more value to my new home since ill have more space to make a nicer washroom…

    Whats better if a woman who’s experienced having both types… what would she choose ???????

  2. I bought the Clean Sense one. Best investment I ever made. I grew up in Germany where we had the old type – will never use that again!

    Just like cars made horses obsolete for travel – buy one now and test it out in your old house first.

  3. I have a daelim bidet model db 752na. I need parts for it. I live in Denver Colorado. Could you send me a contact where I can get parts for it. Thank You Larry Krenk

  4. I agree with Jack above in that the Clean Sense is a very nice bidet toilet seat. The Bio Bidet BB-800 is pretty nice as well. We’ve had the Clean Sense for some time now, and it’s wonderful. Thanks for the guide!

  5. I own a BB-1000, but looked at the BB-800 quite a bit. All in all, if i had to do it over again, I’d choose the 800 for the cost savings. It’s essentially the same seat without the wireless remote, which looks cool, but isn’t much easier to use than the side buttons on the 800. Either way, though, they’re both awesome seats. you can’t go wrong with either.

  6. I have had my Biobidet 600 for a couple of years now and I love it. But the heating element seems to be gone now, as I cannot get the heat on the toilet seat or water to go on now. Is there a warranty and/or technician who can advise me? Thanks.

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