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Sun Tech Solar Storm Tanning Bed


WeT HeaD KnowledgeTanning beds have been around for a long time and with more people going to the tanning salons wouldn’t it be great to own your own tanning bed. Imagine how much money you will save in the long run and how much time it will save you too. You won’t have to wait for an appointment and you won’t have to spend money on gas getting there. These are just a few examples of the advantages of having a tanning bed. It may sound unrealistic that you would own one but there are thousands of people in the United States that own tanning beds.

You just may not know where to look. We can help with that. The Sun Tech Solar Storm 24 Bulb Tanning Bed with Face and Arm Tanner is one of the popular tanning beds. This tanning bed can give you that all over perfect tan in as little as 30 minutes. The model is SS 24S and it has a face tanner feature and an arm tanning feature. Let’s take a look at the other features and the specifications of the Sun Tech Solar Storm 24 Bulb Tanning Bed with Face and Arm Tanner.

Sun Tech Tanning Bed with Face and Arm Tanner Features

This tanning bed can be used for home use or as a replacement tanning bed for a salon. The tanning bed is equipped with a tunnel design that offers the users a more compete tan. This tanning bed comes with the option of using the face tanner or the arms tanner or both. You can get the full salon experience at home without the hassles of appointments and fees. One of the features of the Solar Storm is that it has an extra long tanning bed that offers comfort to people all shapes and sizes.

Sun Tech Bed Tanner Specifications

The Sun Tech Solar Storm uses a simple 110-voltage 20-amp connection. The tanning bed measures in at 78 inches in length x 34 inches wide. The bed is made from plastic, glass, steel and aluminum. To maintain a high quality and high performance of the tanning bed, it comes with acrylic sheets that provide the most UV lights for a faster and deeper tan.

This 24 Bulb Tanning Bed comes with 24 bulbs that guarantee an even tan every time. When you order this product it comes about 98% all assembled and the rest is easy with the step-by-step instructions. The frame is made from a sturdy aluminum that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. Having your own tanning bed can be exciting, you can now get the perfect tan whenever you want and you don’t have to rely on hard to get appointments. This tanning bed may seem expensive but consider how much you are paying a month for tanning and see what you come up with. Since the time you spend ion the bed isn’t more than 30 to 45 minutes the electric bills should not be huge. You can get this tanning bed online for about 1,739.00. If you shop around on websites like Amazon and OverStock you can find great deals. You should do some research before buying a tanning bed and find out all of the features and specifications on the Sun Tech Solar Storm 24 Bulb Tanning Bed with Face and Arm Tanner.

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