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Rinnai RHFE-263F All Direct Vent Wall Furnace


WeT HeaD KnowledgeThe most common places you might find a Rinnai RHFE-263F All Direct Vent Wall Furnaces are in new and existing homes, a multiple family home, basements and apartments just to name a few. The idea behind this direct vent wall furnace is to be able to provide an energy efficient way to warm the air in homes and specific rooms that can be often hard to heat. There are some benefits to using this type of system. By using the direct vent wall system you will start seeing savings almost immediately.

These units have an efficiency of 83% AFUE. The system will provide constant heating without any changes in the room temperature that you may see in some other furnace systems. One of the products in this line of heating is the Rinnai RHFE-263F All Direct Venting Wall Furnace. This system has a flexible installation system and a cool to the touch cabinet so kids won’t get hurt. Let’s take a look at some of the features and specifications of this style of home heating.

Some of the features of the Rinnai All Direct Vent Wall Furnace are the Smart Technology. This technology offers a way to adjust your temperature in you home to your desired temperature. With this system you can keep an eye on the temperature and if the room is a little warm then you can lower the heat to what you feel is more comfortable. This system comes with a programmable thermostat that makes an efficient home heating system.

As we mentioned earlier, this All Direct Vent Wall Furnaces is more flexible for installation. You will only need a 3″ hole termination kit. This kit can accommodate each system with most wall thickness. As for quietness, this system offers a ductless heating operation, which is one of the most quiet of all furnaces. Not only can this system provide great heat but also it can save you money. The RHFE-263F comes with a sealed combustion design that can guarantee an inside improved air quality.

You can have an energy efficient and cost effective way to heat your home as well as a heat supply that is virtually on demand. This is a whole house heating system that doesn’t leave cols spots in your home. This system comes with a Thermistor allows this furnace to register and adapt to even smaller temperature changes.

Rinnai RHFE-263F All Direct Vent Wall Furnace Specifications

When you purchase a Rinnai RHFE-263F All Direct Vent Wall Furnace you are getting a heating unit that has a gas rated input BTU of 5,500 low and 11,000 when used with natural gas and when used with propane you get a 5,700 BTU and 11,000 BTU maximum. This unit has an AFUE of 80%, making this unit more energy efficient than some other units.

This unit comes with a 7-stage modulating gas valve that allows an exact gas flow as the unit operates from one stage to another. This unit offers a negative coefficient thermistor that will detect a temperature change in as little as 1/2 degree. This unit is a self-diagnostic system that will constantly monitor the way the furnace is running.This unit can perform automatic shutdown codes that will let you know when the filter becomes clogged. You will find a humidifier tray and a temperature control that includes an electronic thermostat and a temperature limiting program to comply with Inside Design. The ignition system is a direct spark and a stainless steel inshot burner system. This Rinnai has many specifications that make this wall furnace energy efficient and very cost effective. You will save money when you use a Rinnai RHFE-263F.

When it comes down to choosing a new way to heat your home, you want to choose a system that works best. Choosing an all direct vent wall furnace can be more beneficial than regular home heating systems. There are 4 different ways to install this unit, the Direct through wall vent termination, through the wall vent termination with extension kit, discrete vent terminal and through the wall vent termination with extension kit and elbow. Consider all of your options before choosing a way to heat your home. This Rinnai All Direct Vent offers a room monitoring, self-diagnostic system and a 10 second response. There are so many different models to choose from. Compare the BTU’s and specifications of this unit and others and see which model will work best in your home.’

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