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Nature 2 Express Vessel & Cartridge


One of the most important things that you can do for your swimming pool is to keep it clean and healthy. There are so many products out there but how do you know which one to choose. One company is the Zodiac Company; they have a great selection of sanitizers and equipment that can help you maintain the proper levels of chemicals. What makes this cleaning system better than the rest is that they use their own patented mineral bed technology. This technology was created to provide water that is crystal clear and will have a better quality of water.Nature 2 Express Vessel & Cartridge

The company has been in business for over 18 years. In that time, the products have been used in pools and spas all over the world. This sanitizing system is a low chlorine based system that can save you time and money for the swimming season. If you have not tried this system yet the Nature 2 Express Vessel and Cartridge System can really be a huge asset to your swimming pool.

Nature 2 Express Vessel & Cartridge Features

Nature 2 Express Vessel & Cartridge
The Nature 2 Express Vessel & Cartridge is a do it yourself for all existing above ground swimming pools. This system installs most easily on existing swimming pool plumbing systems. This system is designed to eliminate all bacteria and organic materials from the water in the swimming pool. Some of the benefits of the Nature 2 is the easy installation. By using this system you can reduce the chances of eye and skin irritation.

The cartridges are easy to install and they use the patented CRT, which is the Controlled Release technology. It guarantees optimal mineral levels and it will not cause staining. If you are new to this sort of system you will find how to Balance Your Water in your owner’s manual. This guide will help you stabilize the water and if there are problems that you have the manual may be able to help you.

As we mentioned, this system is easy to install, there is an installation manual that shows you all of the necessary parts and where they all go. The installation will be easy enough if you follow the instructions to a tee. The Zodiac Company made it easy for you to keep your swimming pool clean and healthy.

Nature 2 Express Vessel & Cartridge Specifications

The Nature 2 Express Vessel & Cartridge is available for above ground swimming pools only. This Nature 2 Express is perfect for swimming pools up to 25,000 gallons of water. The cartridge is made to work in great working condition up to 6 months. This system works as the water flows through the Nature 2 Express Cartridge. The minerals in this system will eliminate the bacteria in the water. The sanitizer does not have any moving parts and will not be affected by heavy use. The weather and water temperature will not affect the way system works.

If you are trying to find a way to lower the amount of chlorine in your swimming pool, the Nature 2 Express Vessel & Cartridge owner’s manual offers a Low Chlorine Recipe and how often to use it. This could really decrease the skin irritations from the amount of chlorine that you would normally be in your swimming pool.

If you are looking to close your swimming pool with the Nature 2 System then on page 5 of the owner’s manual you will find how to winterize the swimming pool. If you live in a warmer winter climate or a colder winter climate there are directions on how to winterize your system. With any luck you will never need this page but there is a troubleshooting guide on page 6.

This page will show you how to get rid of algae of every color, Mustard, Black, Green and Yellow. This product can really help you get started with keeping your swimming pool crystal clear and healthy.


  1. Sixty days after purchase of the replacement cartridge it started to leak water at the “month installed” plastic ring at the rate of one gallon every 10 minutes. I called Zodiac’s 800 tech support number and the robot told me I had a 10 minute wait. I tried the “chat” procedure and, after repeating this story was told to call the 800 tech support number because the chat person could not help me after 15 days from the date of purchase. Does this sound like quality customer service to you? Me neither. So I have ordered, at my expense, a new cartridge so as to minimize the waste of water. Keep this in mind: the cartridges are really only good for 60 days OR LESS depending on how poor the construction and assembly is and sales are boosted by making people wait 15 minutes before the phone is answered. And you wonder why business gets a bad name these days !!!!

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