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Smith 8 Series Boilers


WeT HeaD KnowledgeThe 8 Series Hot Water or Steam Oil Fired Boiler from Smith Boilers is one of the company’s best selling oil-fired boilers. This boiler won the Consumer’s Digest Best Buy Award. There are 8 different size boilers in the 8 Series, they all range in MBH from 90 to 250 MBH and all have an efficiency of 85% AFUE. What makes the 8 Series Boilers from Smith so different than the rest is that this boiler has a larger surface area due to the larger amount of water that this boiler can hold.

In the 8 Series Hot Water Boiler it has a larger than normal combustion chamber. This allows more room for the combustion process of the boiler to work. The premise is the longer the chamber the better the boiler can provide a better and cleaner combustion. This boiler emits low NOx emissions, plus the longer the chamber the quieter the operation system is. The 8 Series is made from a strong and reliable Cast Iron construction, making this boiler a long lasting boiler. The cast iron boiler sections are 4″ thicker and deeper than other oil-fired boilers. This makes a huge difference because the thicker the boiler sections are the better the boiler will be about holding high water temperatures for a longer period of time even after the boiler is on standby.

By choosing the 8 Series Boiler you will get a boiler that is a high efficiency boiler but one that has a better combustion system, a quieter operation systems and a boiler that has a higher retention for hot water or steam. Some of the standard features on both the Hot Water and the Steam Boilers are the Cast Iron Wet Base Section. You can have your choice of a Beckett AFG Burner, a Carlin EZ Pro or the Riello Flame Retention Burner with nozzle. These are the 3 top burners in the industry.

You will also get a Cast Iron Smoked Hood, a Preformed Target Wall and Cast Iron Heater Cover Plate. On the Steam Only Version of the 8 Series, you will get a Hi-Limit Pressure Control, an ASME Safety Relief Valve set at 15 psi. There are Steam Pressure Gauge and a Gauge Glass and Fittings. You will also get a factory installed Low Water Cut Off Hydro Level Switch.

With the Hot Water Oil Fired Boiler, you will receive a Hydronic Relay with a Hi-Limit Circulator Control. You will get a factory installed ASME relief Valve set at 30 psi. Installed is a Taco Circulator Pump and a Brass Drain Cock. If you are looking for options for the Steam Only Water Heater, there is a Tankless Side Mount Water Heater with a temperature low limit control. With the Hot Water Oil Fired Boiler you will get a front mount Tankless heater with a triple aquastat combination and there is no circulator. Smith Boilers has been in business for many years, they only provide the best, quality products for their customers. If you are looking to replace your old boiler, check out the 8 Series from Smith Boilers, available in Steam or Hot Water.


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