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Oil Fired Boilers: Crown VS Buderus


Crown VS BuderusThere are a few different types of boilers but the most popular types are the Gas Fired, Oil Fired and Electric Boilers. Many residential homes use the oil-fired boilers today because they believe that they work well and are highly efficient. Depending on which boilers you are talking about that would be correct. Two of the best in the industry are from 2 top companies, Buderus Boilers and Crown Boilers.

Let’s take the two top sellers of each company and see what boiler matches up better. The Buderus G215 Oil Fired Boiler is rated 86% plus from the most popular rating system, the Energy Star System. The blue symbol that represents the Energy Star System is what consumers look for first when they decide they want to purchase an appliance this goes for boilers, water heaters, air conditioners and refrigerators. One of the features of the G215 Oil Fired Boiler from Buderus is that it has a 3 Pass design. The 3 Pass designs allows the system to work more efficiently than others in the market. The G215 is fully insulated with a 3″ thick thermal insulation and the boiler is made with Buderus’s own GL-180M Flexible Cast Iron Material.

Buderus G215 Oil Fired Boiler comes fully assembled from the factory and is a perfect fit for a replacement or as a new construction. The G215 is a Low NOx system meaning that it emits fewer emissions than other boilers. All boiler parts are fully accessible and the boiler runs great and will save you money as long as you read the manuals and educate yourself on proper boiler care. This is one of the best that Buderus has to offer, remember the G215 Oil Fired Boiler. The Crown Boiler Series Tobago is available in different sizes unlike the Buderus G215 there is only one size boiler. The Tobago Series has an 80,000 Btu’s per hour rating. Like the Buderus Boilers, the Tobago Oil Fired Boiler is accessible for parts for easy service and inspection. The Tobago series is a single pass boiler system but the Tobago Boiler’s heat exchanger has a wet leg design. This means that the exchanger is surrounded on every side and there is no heat loss through the heat transfer.

The Tobago Series Boilers come fully assembled and ready for installation. Included in the installation are the T&P Valves, Drain Valves and ASME Relief Valve. The Crown Tobago Boiler has an option of a Front Mounted Tankless Coil that is used on Domestic Hot Water Systems. The Tobago is one of Crown Boilers best selling Oil Fired Boilers. Both The Buderus G215 and the Crown Tobago Oil Fired Boilers are great in their own right. It can be hard to say which is better, but that would depend on the person who is buying the boiler. One of these boilers may or may not suit their needs. But both of these oil-fired boilers are highly efficient and have great operating systems. It would be hard to choose between them.


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