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Smart Pools Robo-Kleen Pool Cleaner


Smart Pools is company that specializes in Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaners and other great swimming pool accessories. These days’ homeowners want to spend less time cleaning their pools and spend more time swimming in them. Why not invest in a Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner? With these automatic cleaners the only time you will spend cleaning a pool is the amount of time it takes to place the pool cleaner in the water. They are simple to use and they work quickly and efficiently.Smart Pools Robo-Kleen Pool Cleaner

You won’t have to spend hours and hours standing over your swimming pool with a vacuum pole on hot summer days. Simply place these machines into the pool and set a cycle time and when you come home from work you are ready to swim. There are two residential swimming pool cleaners that work the best, Smart Pools offer the Robo-Kleen. The Robo- Kleen Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner is for above ground swimming pools. For round swimming pools, the factory angle that the machine is set to is perfect and for oval swimming pools, try removing the limit screw (see the manual) for a wider angle from the tandem wheels.

If you are looking for an in-ground automatic swimming pool cleaner try The Nitro Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner. The way the Nitro comes is preset with angles that offer cleaning for the entire swimming pool no matter what size it is. Some Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaners are powered by the current of the water’s circulation but the Robo- Kleen is powered by electricity that is connected to your own filter system. This makes for a more efficient and powerful cleaning. It is important to mention that you should never enter a swimming pool that has a robotic swimming pool cleaner in it.
Smart Pools Robo-Kleen Pool Cleaner
Always power off the cleaners before attempting to pull the cleaner out of the water. The Robo- Kleen Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner offers Smart Pool’s exclusive Controlled Tandem Design. This system will let the cleaner’s wheels move together but without allowing them to lock into one position. All of the wheels are constantly moving without ever locking. The Robo- Kleen has an interval timing software that changes the cleaning pattern at random.

The price of the Robo- Kleen Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner is competitive with other swimming pool cleaners. They are reasonably priced between $300 and $400 but other places it could be more, it all depends on where you are buying the unit. There may come a time when you Robo- Kleen automatic swimming pool cleaner may needs to have a troubleshoot performed in order to ensure that the unit is working properly. But homeowners who have never owned an automatic swimming cleaner before may not know what needs to be done. With the Robo- Kleen, just simply, read the manual.

The manual contains every piece of information of that you will ever need. But often times homeowners just don’t take the time to read. You will find out how to set up your Robo- Kleen, what safety concerns there are and what to look for in case of problems. The manual will even give you information on where to find replacement parts. If you want to extend your summer vacation, then it would be a great idea to spend less time cleaning your pool and more time swimming in it. The Robo Kleen is a great addition to any swimming pool and it will really like to save you money and a whole lot of time.


  1. My Robo-Kleen is not moving! I had the unit for 2 years, it filter water when turn on it just will not move. Turn it off and on several times in row still no movement. You can actually move the unit manual and see small path made on the floor. Any thoughts?

  2. I can’t get any of the Smartpools websites or links to open. Are they still in business? I need a repair ASAP and I’m in 35244 zip. Can you help?

    • Hi Kathy,

      I can access the website with no problems. Have you tried cleaning your computer cache and then re accessing the website? I am also using Fire Fox as a browser,

      Hope this helps,


  3. My robo-kleen stopped moving on its own. Pumps water fine, but front wheels are free-wheeling all of a sudden. How do I fix it, where do I get parts? Thanks anyone.

  4. I have had one for over 3 years, I love it, but the water pump fan part went out, it still moves. I need to know is there any place that I can get the part that I need?

  5. Hi, My robo kleen will only go back and forth and not all the way across the pool like it did last year.Any ideas?

    • Hi Amy, I have gone through 3 of these in the last year. All doing exactly what yours is doing after about a month of use. Danielle Johnson in warranties has been a great help, and they’ve sent me a new one each time because its usually only been a month or two. They say it is a “PCB Board” that controls this, and there is no “fix”. Not sure if this helps. Best of luck.

  6. My unit is doing the same thing, turns on for a few seconds, shoots the air out the top then shuts down. From the comments above it appears to be the drive motor. I called smart pools company and they said they don’t sell replacement parts.
    Does anyone know where to get parts?
    Gary, did you replace the drive motor?
    Joseph (wet head)
    The link you refer to for diy video repairs, only shows repairs for a different model, not the robo kleen. I assume it is a similar method, but the video for the drive motor repair, shows removing the pump also, why would that be?

    Gary put it best and this is my take: When they work they work great, but getting them to work is the trick.
    $250 for product that only lasts 2 to 3 years is a complete rip-off.

    Any help would be appreciated,

    • I called and was told no way in &#$^@ will they sell parts. I asked to talk to the engineer and was told NO. They want me to send my unit back to them, which of course is going to cost me more money. We should start a class action law suit. There is a very obvious design flew. And the false advertising concerning the brushless / water cooled motor is something to bite them with. SmartPools must think everyone is an idiot.

      I should design a replacement drive motor / gear box and sell them to everyone. i could make some bucks.

      I think i am done dealing with the general staff and need to get to the top dog and share what i found in the design.

      • Hi Gary,

        Thanks for all the feedback, I have seen some interesting posts on this article.

        Sounds like this unit has tons of issues ;-(


  7. Smart pools will only fix your unit, about $150 min, they sell reconditioned units with a one year warranty like a new one. Keep old one for parts. Or buy an Aquabot that sells replacement parts. Reviews are generally not good on any robotic cleaner–none of them has a very good track record, but at least with others you can buy parts and fix them yourself.

  8. Why would anyone buy a $150 reconditioned robo kleen when they don’t last more than a year? I can pay a pool company $150 for cleaning services.
    It seems like everyone is having the same problem, sounds like a manufacturing defect to me. Has anyone had any success repairing this thing?
    The videos online are ok, but how do you get those replacement parts?

  9. Bought this thing last year. It lasted a whole 2 1/2 weeks. Took 11 months to replace by manufacturer, after a lot of bickering and threats. Finally got a new one. But this one lasted 2 months. A record. What a piece of CRAP! what a waste of money as well.

  10. Gotta agree, they just oon’t have “legs”. We’ve had 4 in three years. First one the power supply went out – replaced under warranty, lasted a year. Third one (out of warranty) the computer failed. Threw it out and bought the $150 refurb. It’s in the shop under warranty with a cord that pulled out of the robo. I know how addicts feel.

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