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Slant Fin Sentinel SE Series Gas Boiler Review


WeT HeaD KnowledgeThe Sentinel SE Series Gas Boilers are designed for hot water residential systems. They can be used in conjunction with a Natural Draft and Atmospheric Combustion system. They have an energy efficient rating of 82.3 % AFUE. They have an AGA input rating range of 70,000 to 245,000. The Sentinel has a Cast Iron heat exchanger has special shaped pin designed for this system they help with promoting a perfect heat transfer. Adding to the efficiency of the boiler are the metal push nipples, these are added to the boiler to stop heat loss in the boiler through the boiler sections.

The Sentinel SE Series Boiler were designed to save the consumer up to 30% on their heating bills. The boilers offer a durable and reliable natural draft design. As the boiler works the exhaust is released through the chimney by the natural draft system. This system is compact and it has very little components and that is a good feature to have, the less parts there are the less heat will escape through them. The base of the boiler is 100% fully insulated and constructed with heavy gauge aluminized steel. The insulation is a thick and durable refractory insulation, which is applied around the combustion chamber and will reduce the standby loss of any heat.

Factory installed heavy-duty vent dampers are motorized dampers will also help raise the level of efficiency in the boilers. They reduce any standby heat loss that may occur. The motor on the dampers will close the chimney vent while the boiler is off and will open when the combustion needs to be released when the boiler is on. It is designed to be installed with either vertical or horizontal operation. The Sentinel SE Series has an Intermittent Ignition option or you can choose a Standing Pilot model. The burners on the SE Series Gas Fired Boilers are quiet running boilers. They are easy to access and are easy to remove as well as put back in. The burners are made from Stainless Steel; and they can be used with Natural Gas or Propane. The burners are designed with a one of a kind port construction, which does not let the flame of the boiler to lift up of flash back.

The burners also operate on a low operating temperature so they last a lot longer. The input of each burner is 17,500 Btu per hour. The heat exchanger is the key to a good heating system. It is made from a Cast Iron Construction; this will also save you heat loss through the winter. The Sentinel SE Series Boilers also heat quickly and they have a great heat radius per room. You won’t have to wait minutes for the boiler to kick in when you want to fire it up, it takes seconds.

Slant Fin takes pride in their products and they stand behind each and everyone. The Sentinel SE Series is such a reliable boiler that the company offers a lifetime limited warranty on the boiler. That is how much they believe in their products.

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