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Slant Fin Intrepid TR Series Oil Boiler Review


WeT HeaD KnowledgeThe Slant Fin name is the most trusted name in the heating industry. They offer a long line of baseboard heaters as well as gas and oil fired boilers. Two of the standout products in the Slant Fin family are the Intrepid TR Series Oil Boilers for Water and for Steam. The Intrepid TR Oil Fired Water Boiler has a heating capacity of 105,000-496,000 Btu’s per hour and a high-energy efficiency rating of 86%. These boilers have a 0.75 to 3.35 GPH Oil Input.The water series boiler has dual firing rates and they meet the Residential and even Light Commercial requirements. The water boiler offers an optional domestic hot water coil.

The Intrepid TR Series Oil Fired Steam Boilers has a heating capacity of 154 to 434 MBH Input and a high-energy efficiency rating of up 84.15%. The GPH Oil input of these boilers is 1.10 to 3.10. They have option to have a domestic hot water coil. Hot water models as well as direct vent models are available. These are compact boilers that will fit in any size basement. The Intrepid TR Oil Fired Boilers are easy to install and they require very little maintenance. If they need to be service they offer a heat exchanger surface that has accessible flue brushed and a high heat transfer that much of the same of cast iron thermal pin from the boiler. The Flue collector located inside the boiler can be easily accessible and can be removed with ease. Then when it is serviced it will go back in with a fiberglass rope seal.

The Intrepid TR Series boilers are guaranteed to help you reduce your energy bill by at least 30%. Some great features that allow the reduction in your heating bill are that the boiler is protected by a thick insulation with zero heat loss. They are fabricated with metal push nipples also designed to help the heat in the boiler and not out your window. The Intrepid TR Series Oil Fired Steam Boiler has a liberal 3″ supply tapping. This will help the boiler provide a drier steam, which will help in a quieter boiler operation. One of the first things to rust up or corrode on a boiler is the bolts. But the Intrepid TR Series fabricate their boilers with a long life stainless steel cap nuts. These stainless steel studs and cap nuts are corrosion and rust resistant adding to the efficiency of the boiler.

What makes the Intrepid a popular series boiler is that not only do they come with some great features but they also come with some great options. You have the option of installing a high output tankless heater. This is an instant style hot water maker that is installed inside the boiler, located where the always flow of hot water heats up the fresh water while it goes through the heat coil. The benefit of this boiler is that the recovery time of the boiler is faster and heating capacity will change with the different size boilers. Another option is the Indirect Water Heaters. Some people like the idea of having a bigger reserve of hot water. Installation of the Indirect Water Heaters is simple; the installer can simply add the heater right to the boiler. These tanks have a storage capacity of 20 gallons and 60 gallons of hot water.


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