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Slant Fin Eutectic EC-10 Oil Fired Boiler Review


WeT HeaD KnowledgeThe Slant Fin Eutectic EC-10 Oil Fired Boilers are designed to be used on a Hot Water System. It has a heating capacity of 88,660 Btu’s and 160,270 Btu’s per hour. It has a high-energy efficiency rated of 86.9 %. There are so many great features on this boiler that contribute to the efficiency. The boiler has a three-pass heat exchanger, which is the best type of heat exchanger to have. The 3 Pass System is designed to increase heat transfer in the system.

The 3 Pass System also contributes to a quieter running boiler. The heat exchange system is designed with plenty of room, for thermal expansion of the system, which allows the flame and the burner plenty of room so the noise is kept to a minimum. The heat exchanger is made from a Cast Iron Eutectic, which is perfect to protect the boiler from a thermal shock, and it provides a rust and corrosion proof coating. The Cast Iron heat exchanger is flexible and tough, these let the boiler work under low temperature operation and it works in conjunction with outdoor reset controls.

The door on the boiler is designed on a hinged style and it is a reversible swing out door. Manufacturers use this system most of the time because it gives technicians easy access to the boiler, plus it makes cleaning the boiler much easier. The burners are reliable and long lasting burners. Slant Fin offers a choice of burners from the most respected name in the business, Carlin, Beckett and Riello. When you purchase the Slant Fin Eutectic EC-10 Oil Fired Boilers you get your choice of burner.

There are 4 models in EC-10 Series Boiler, the EC-13 is a 3 Section Boiler, EC-14 is a 4 Section, EC-15 is a 5 Section Boiler and the EC-16 is a 6 Section Boiler. They each have a maximum operating pressure of 58 PSI and a maximum water temperature of 210 degrees Fahrenheit. The EC Series Boilers have a 1-1/4″ threaded supply, a 1/4″ tapping supply, a 3/4″ relief valve rated at 30 PSI and a 1/2″ drain outlet. Slant Fin’s EC-10 Series offers a GLH Series Tanks as an option. These tanks are available in 42 and 66-gallon capacities. The GLH- Series tanks are designed for Indirect Hot Water Tanks. These tanks can be installed either vertically with the boiler right on top or they can be installed side to side.

Slant Fin only manufacturers the highest quality heating supplies in the industry. Slant Fin is one of the most recognized heating companies in the business. They stand by their products and their limited lifetime warranties prove that. They built their boilers to last; they meet the requirements of today’s needs. With prices of just about everything going up, Slant Fin wants to bring to you a products that will save you money and not make you spend it. Next time you want to replace the old boiler system that you have, take a look at Slant Fin you won’t be disappointed.


  1. How does the Slant Fin Eutectic 10 compare with the PurePro Trio, the Buderus, and the Burnham MPO? Are they comparable in price, efficiency, longevity, and reliability? How is the Slant Fin different? Thank you!


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