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Slant Fin Multi/Pak 80 Light Commercial Baseboard Review


Slant Fin Multi/Pak 80 Light Commercial Baseboard is a great choice if you are looking for special residential and light commercial baseboard heating. With these baseboards you will have a choice of heating elements for either hot water or for steam applications. The output ranges from 840 BTUH and 1030BTUH with a 200-degree water temperature.Slant Fin Multi-Pak 80 Light Commercial Baseboard

The Multi/Pak 80 comes in pre-cut sizes from 2 feet to 14 feet and they are 3-1/2″ on depth and 8-7/8 inches in height. These baseboards are constructed with heavy gauge brackets and an 18 gauge front panel. When you choose the Multi/Pak 80, it works with any one of 5 compatible H-Series Heating Elements. You will also be offered a 3/4″ high output copper and aluminum element. This element is different than other heater elements used in commercial applications because it is less hulking in areas that have a high heat loss.

The Multi/Pak 80 is created with the contractor in mind. Slant Fin wants their customers to have a good experience when the contractor comes to install baseboard. They don’t want frustrated customers because the tech is taking too long to install or parts are missing and he has to come back. The Multi/Pak 80 installation is 100% trouble free. The install is simple, missing are the hundreds of small parts that normally come with heating products. Everything basically goes from the box to the wall.
Slant Fin Multi-Pak 80 Light Commercial Baseboard
The Multi/Pak 80 is a durable and long lasting baseboard system. The enclosures are made to withstand just about any thing you can bring to it. The double bent alum fins won’t come loose because they are very secure. They have an expansion that will hold the brackets together and stop any metal on metal contact, thereby eliminating any noise coming from the baseboard when the heat comes up.

The Slant Fin Multi/Pak 80 Light Commercial Baseboards are energy efficient. You may be wondering how the baseboards heating can save you money. When you have duct heating, when the boiler comes on you are experiencing heat in every room of the house. But when you choose baseboard heating you can keep the temperature in one room one temp and in another room another temp. You don’t have to even heat your home at the same time. Only heat the rooms that you are using.

This will save you money right away. By choosing Slant Fin Multi/Pak 80 Light Commercial Baseboard you are not only getting a high efficiency heating system but you are getting quality components, easy installation, savings on your energy bills and you are getting a heating system that is built to last. These are easy to clean and maintain, if they are being used in a residential home, you can relax because they are so well put together that you don’t have to worry about the kids getting hurt if touch the baseboards. Slant Fin is a leader in the heating industry and their goal is to bring to you quality products at competitive prices. They want to help save you money in the long run and by purchasing a Slant Fin baseboard product you are guaranteed to start to see the savings pile up.


  1. 100k square foot building making heat from steam and converting to hot water for half of the building
    the ventilators which are 50 years old are rotten and used to carry both hot and chilled water
    the replacement of those ventilators is too expensive
    could i use this baseboard on a loop that has 60 hotel rooms and would i get any cooling at all out of them
    with cold water pumped through them?
    how much a linear foot and how do i calculate how many feet ill need
    most of the rooms had one 1/2 ton condenser which heated and cooled the rooms fine when working

  2. Does the Multi-Pak 80 have to be mounted so that there is a 4-1/2″ gap between the bottom of the cover and the floor as the Slant-Fin recommends for their commercial products or can it be less?

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