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Utica MGB Series Boilers Review


Utica is one of the leaders in the boiler industry, they have a varieties of gas fired boilers and oil fired boilers. One of the company’s Series boilers is the MGB Boiler. These are high efficiency atmospheric boilers; they are rated with an efficiency rating of 84.1%. There are 9 cast iron boilers in the MGB Series; they have a heating capacity of 50,000 to 299,000 MBH per hour.Utica MGB Series Boilers Review

Installed in the MGB Series Boilers is a highly developed heat exchanger that uses atmospheric burners, which let the vents run vertical through a chimney. The heat exchanger is equipped high quality parts such as a flue damper and electric ignition (which is optional).

The boiler is also equipped with an integral draft diverter; this helps make installation into smaller basements less stressful. Some of the standard features of the MGB Boiler are the Cast Iron Boiler Assembly, the boiler sections and the push nipples are installed to help the boiler’s efficiency by keeping in water. As the boiler heats up the push nipples will expand and they set a watertight seal for the sections of the boiler to avoid leaking.
Utica MGB Series Boiler
The boiler cabinet is made of a heavy gauge steel along with a baked on enamel fro extra protection. The cabinet is insulated to protect against heat loss. The pilot assembly is located inside the cabinet and kept away from the combustion area. The location of the pilot assembly is strategically placed for easy installation and servicing. The Electronic Aquastat Control has a combination of protection as well as a relay switch that controls the burner as well as the circulator motor that has its own sensor remote installed in an immersion well. Another feature that is a great safety as well and an efficient feature is the Electronic Ignition, which is optional on the MGB Series.

This system is equipped with a spark igniter system that allows for positive ignition. This means that the pilot is lit automatically and will only stay lit when needed. This will help stop the wasting of fuel, which will save you money. Another great feature of the MGB Series Boiler is the Stainless Steel Burners; these burners are made with a corrosion proof stainless steel. These burners are quite when they are in operating mode and they help keep the combustion efficiency working properly. The MGB Series comes with a Relief Valve that is provided with the field installation. The valve is mounted on top of the boiler and valve gives pressure relief of the heating system in the case of higher than normal heating temperatures.

Factory installed on the MGB Series Boiler is the Combination 24 Volt Gas Control that includes an automatic gas valve, pilot flow adjustment, a safety shut off, pilot filter and a gas pressure regulator. Utica Boilers offer the cast iron heat exchanger with a limited lifetime warranty. Read the manual for complete warranty information. Purchasing a MGB Series Boiler is a good investment, you will stay warm in the cold winter months but you will save money as well.


  1. this is a tech question my parents utica boiler was submerged in about 5 feet of water after about 2 months drying time do you think that this furnace will be operational waiting on your ansewer thank you

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