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Slant Fin Kicker Heater Review


The Kicker Heater from Slant Fin is for Hot Water application. This is a multi Purpose fan convection heater. These are perfect to use in the home when you don’t have enough space on the wall for baseboard heating. The Kicker will give you up to 12 feet of baseboard style heating. It has a compact design that will fit underneath the cabinets or in-between wall studs. They may sound tricky to install but the installation is easy and the unit is as easy as 1-2-3 to use.Slant Fin Kicker Heater

The Kicker has a high performance heat exchanger; the heat exchanger is aluminum turbo fin that will give you the maximum amount of heat transfer with zero to little heat loss. There are many units that lose a lot of heat in the transfer and the homeowners have to crank up the heat to compensate. But the Kicker is designed with little heat loss. You will be amazed how little you are going to be turning your heat on and offThe Kicker will give the home a higher heat output.

There is a supply water line in each loop from the manifold. What this does, is it will heat the water to higher temps which will save you money, rather than turning up the degrees every two seconds. There are two built in air vent tappings that are easy to access by a quarter or a screwdriver. The Kicker has an Aquastat that allows the blower operation to work only when the water temp is above 130 degrees. The entire unit was designed to be energy efficient.
Slant Fin Kicker Heater
The Kicker also has a 2-speed durable blower motor that is designed for extended life. The blower ha s a three-position switch, so now you can choose how fast or slow the heat comes out. This will save you money on your heating bill. The Slant Fin Kicker installs just like baseboard, the aquastat in the heater starts the heater’s fan and will automatically turn the unit on and off. The unit is a quiet operation unit; you won’t even know it’s there. There is a switch that is accessible to the homeowner so you can set the fan as fast or as slow as you want. There are 3 different models available for the Kicker Series. The Tk-90 has a CFM of 81, the TK-90 Kickspace has a CFM of 68, the TK-70 has a CFM of 72 and the TK-70 Kickspace has a CFM of 60. The ranges on the Kicker are 140-220 BTUH and a capacity of 4437-10218.

The three units use 120 vac and 60 Hz plus 37 to 41 watts. These are not high output energy units; they are designed to save you money on both your electric bills as well as your heating bills. These are not big bulky heaters; they fit conveniently under cabinets and inside walls. They are virtually no maintenance. They are easy to clean simply wipe away any dust that forms on the grates.


  1. I need to replace the motor on my Slantfin kick space heater, model #TK70. Any suggestions as to the best way to accomplish this?

  2. I am extremely unimpressed with this heater. We installed it last year, after 1 seasons use, the wheel inside theheater started bumping and rattling. My husband thought maybe bearings. (by the way we had to cut a hole into the base of our brand new cabinets to get there) The whole wheel is made of such poor quality that it rounded out the whole that it turns around and broke out a plastic piece. I dont’ use this heater that much, it is a backup for us. Nothing that goes under a cabinet should be breaking in one season. Don’t be fooled and don’t buy this product. I wish that I had stuck to my original plan and not been talked into this product.

    • I have multiple slant fin units. 3 of the 4 units’ fans siezed up within 4 years. Note i did not use these units years 2 and 3 due to noise issues. So expect them to last two years!

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