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Peerless Series DE Gas Fired Boilers


WeT HeaD KnowledgePeerless Series De Gas Fired Boilers are rated with inputs from 70.0 to 165.0 MBH. They are high efficiency boilers rated at 80% and higher with an output of 58 to 136 MBH. The system has an intermittent fan assisted igniter, which uses less energy when the boiler is lit. You use so much energy when the boiler is lit every few minutes in the winter, with this system you will save energy and thereby save you money.

The Series DE offers a natural gas or an LP gas. The unit can be installed as either a direct exhaust system or a chimney venting system. Peerless is a leader in the heating industry and to prove it they have Taco Circulating pump installed into the boiler. Taco is the leader in circulator pumps and other heating applications. The Series DE is available in either 3 or 4 boiler sections with a sturdy and long lasting construction of cast iron sections and steel push nipples. There are 4 other models in the Series DE family, model DE-03, DE-04, DE-05 and DE-06. They have a water content ranging from 4.72 gallons to 8.56 gallons.

The Series DE boiler has some one of kind features that come standard on all models. Some of these features include a superior insulated enameled steel jacket. This will help lessen the chances of heat loss through the boiler over the cold heating season months. The jacket works to cover the gas valves and the burners making the boiler more proficient. The series has a flame rollout safety shutoff switch and a differential pressure switch. The DE gas fired boilers have Honeywell Smart Valve System. This system was designed for Peerless Boilers. What it does is it houses the safety switch and the ignition functions all-together into one device. When the heat comes on does the system light the pilot. Other systems have pilots running for an extended period of time, which just is a waste of energy and a waste of money.

Peerless offers their residential boiler customers a full one-year warranty plus a limited lifetime warranty of 5 years and also available is 10 years. Technology has come a long way in the heating industry; some models offer an indirect fired water heater system. The system is lightweight and made with a strong jacket made of plastic. With a Series DE you will get the best features in the industry, you will get a 100% fully packaged residential hot water boiler, available in natural gas or LP gas. The system is made from a high quality 316L Stainless Steel Tank that is coated to protect from rust and corrosion. All Peerless boilers are made for long life.

What is going to help you save money on your heating costs is the heat source of the DE Series. The boiler will only light when it needs to and the technology in the system will let the pilot know when to ignite. The heat transfer of the boiler is more efficient than it ever has before.


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