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Rheem Imperial Gas Water Heater Review


Rheem a been in business for over 50 years and since the day they opened their doors they have been providing residential homes with good quality water heaters. One of the best water heaters in the Rheem inventory is the Imperial Gas Water Heater.

The Rheem Imperial Series is available in 38,40 and 50-gallon tall heaters and a 40-gallon short heater. The Series BTU’s ranges from 36,000 to 40,000. All Imperial Water Heaters are high efficiency units and they all come with Rheem’s Guardian System. The systems have a Flame Arrestor Plate, which is specially designed by Rheem. What the device does is when there are flammable vapors near the water heater entering the combustion chamber of the water heater, it prevents the vapors from flashing back and prevents ignition of the vapors outside of the water heater. It is a great safety feature for a water heater.

The Guardian System was designed by Rheem and what it is, is an air and fuel shut off device that provides the water heater with double protection. The Imperial Series as we mentioned is high efficiency, which will allow you a reduction in your heating costs and will allow more water to flow through the system. The Imperial Water Heater has no filters to ever clean so there is very little maintenance. The water heaters offers a self cleaning system called EverKleen, this system was designed to reduce the amount of sediment that tends to build up in water heaters tank over time.

Rheem Imperial Gas Water HeaterThe Imperial Water Heater has a Low NOx design, which means fewer emissions emanate from the water heater. The water heater has an especially low NOx burner. The burner is environmentally compatible and is made from a durable and high quality stainless steel. Imperial Gas Fired Water heaters include brass drain valves and a temperature and pressure relief valves that come factory mounted. These water heaters also are listed in compliance with many gas and utility rebate incentive programs designed to help you lower your heating costs.

The system also includes an Exclusive Combustion Shut Off System. This system is designed to shut down the system if a fuel spill outside the unit should happen. All Rheem Water Heaters have a Rheem patented magnesium anode rod that was specifically designed as a rust preventer used to protect the tank from rust and corrosion.

The Imperial gas Water Heater is high altitude compliant with the mandated specifications. All models are equipped for 6000 feet above seal level and some of the models in the series are rated for 10,000 feet above sea level. All units are tested and they all meet the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act requirements. All systems are factory tested, wired and are all assembled before being shipped out. Plus they all meet with the Department of Energy Standards

For more information you can read more on the owner’s manual online. You can also see the other great features that the Imperial Gas Fired Water Heater. Rheem has a reputation for being the best in the water heating industry; they have a huge inventory of products and water heaters, perfect for your home heating needs.

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