Rheem Water Heaters has been around for many years; every product that they sell is nothing less than good quality heating products. The Power Vent Series is available in a 40, 50, 60 and 75-gallon tall tank models and a 40 and a 50 short gallon tank models. The Btu’s per hour range from 36,000 inputs to 75,000 inputs. This Series has a 6 year limited tank warranty for parts and for the tank. But if you upgrade to the Protection Plus warranty, the 6 years extends into a 10 year limited warranty.

The Power Vent has some great features that other systems don’t offer. Standard on all systems is an electronic ignition system, which is a huge safety feature. It has a quiet blower operation, and the heat traps are included with the water heater. Not many water heaters will have that. The Power vent 75 has a brass drain valve and is available in natural gas and they all meet low NOx requirements. You don’t need any fancy outlets the power vent 75 uses a standard 110 v outlet and connection. The Power Vent Series comes with Rheem’s patented Guardian System, which offers double the protection of the water heater, twice the protection as other heaters.

Power Vent Series has a Flammable Vapor Detection Sensor that works as a protective water heater control system that will stop the heater from working when flammable fumes start to build up in the room the water heater is located in. These safety features are terrific, there are so many water heater accidents every year because they are not equipped with the safety features the Rheem Water Heaters do. You will also get the benefit of a self-diagnostic system. This system was created to help homeowners as well as technicians to diagnose the problems with the heater rather quickly. Just straight answers no guesswork. Having this system will save you money in the long run because if you need maintenance you won’t have to pay for hours of troubleshooting, the problem is right there.

The Power Vent has a Self Cleaning System called EverKleen. This system helps prevent build up of sediment from forming in the tank. The Self Cleaning System is available on the 40, 50 and 60-gallon models only. The Rheem Water Heater is designed with a patented magnesium rod design, and uses a special rust resistant coating. The Power Vent meets the high altitude compliancy. The tall model water heaters are approved for 7700 feet above sea level and the short models are certified for up to 6000 feet above sea level. For more information on parts for installation you can read the manual for these heaters on Rheem’s website. Rheem only offers their customers high efficiency water heaters that have been designed specifically to help their customers save money and get more for their money. Buying anything but a Rheem is a mistake.