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Slant Fin Rhino-Cast Cast Iron Baseboard Review


Baseboard heating is more popular than ever before, Slant Fin is the leader in baseboard heating. They have a great line of baseboard units; one of the best is the Rhino- Cast, Cast Iron Baseboard. Slant Fin is the leader in baseboards because the sell their units with modern looks, no more big bulky heavy baseboards. These heaters are about 1-1/2″ shorter than the old style baseboard heaters.Slant Fin Rhino-Cast Cast Iron Baseboard

The Rhino Cast baseboards are a modern design with an installation height of 8-7/16″. These units are gray with a prime finish that gives the heater a smooth surface if you want to repaint. You also get an option for an air grille; you could have some one come out and do a field installation perfect for a modern look.Unlike the baseboards of old, these units are lightweight and much easier to work with. One of the great features about the Rhino Cast is that they work to heat the entire room with direct radiant heat. Because these units are cast iron they keep in heat better. You won’t feel any drafts or any heat loss. This will help you save a lot of money in the cold winter months.

Some baseboards are required to sit on the floor, but the Rhino Cast has a wall hanging option, which is perfect for homes that have uneven floors. You don’t have to worry about carpeting getting to hot with the wall hanging unit. You can hang these units as close to the ground or as high off the ground as you like. Also continuing to the ease of the install is that these sections come in individual sections of about 1-1/2″ and 2″. They also come in sub assemblies of 3 feet to 6 feet. They come in field assembly units in sizes 6-1/2 feet and 24 feet
Slant Fin Rhino-Cast Cast Iron Baseboard
There are 2 different models to choose from, the models that have 1GPM or the 4GPM with a temperature range from 150 degrees to 220 degrees. Each unit has a stand alone with a right and left legs. All of the panels that come with unit are combined with metal push nipples. These are great features because the metal push nipples work to keep the heat in. These baseboards contain heat well, which makes the units cost effective and very efficient. This efficiency will stop you from having to turn the heat on and off thereby wasting energy.

The maximum working pressure allowed on these units are 30 PSIG. The units are durable and long lasting, they won’t bend or lose one ounce of heat, and these Slant Fin Baseboards are almost everlasting and with proper care can last for many, many years to come. With colder winters happening every year and rising heat costs, you want to choose a heating unit that will warm your home and keep your wallet full, the Slant Fin Rhino Cast, Cast Iron Baseboard Heaters are the perfect choice.


  1. can I use these units to replace some of my existing hot water baseboards. Will they work if I substitute some of the units in line with the existing system?

    Thanks, Rick

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