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Slant Fin Fine/Line 15 Baseboard


Considering baseboard heating for you home? Slant Fin has got some great products that can help you decide if baseboard heating is right for you. One of their premier products is the Slant Fin Fine/Line 15 Baseboard. This baseboard was design as a simple install and a durable and reliable source of heat. Heating bills can cost a lot of money but why spend a lot when you don’t have to. Slant Fin Baseboard heating is just what you need.Slant Fin Fine Line 15 Baseboard

The Slant Fin Fine/Line 15 Baseboard System has some great features; they include a high performance heating elements that is 100% reliable. Along with the heating elements you will get sure grip supports, these will guarantee that the heating elements will never fall. The Slant Fin Fine/Line 15 Baseboard is pre-cut at the factory in lengths that range from 2 feet to 12 feet. They come completely assembled and they are packed in a heavy duty reinforced cartons to protect the units while they are shipped. They are also equipped with rounded corner end caps for safety.

Not only are these units compact so they are not the center of attention in your home but they are a source of clean air. When the heat comes up through the system the particles from the boiler get trapped in the baseboard and very little pollutants get into the home. People who have asthma or other breathing conditions may want to look into baseboard heating.
Slant Fin Fine Line 15 Baseboard
When you choose ducted warm air like forced air, you experience things like drafts, dirty ducts that gather dust and dirt, they tend to be noisy and they are not at all efficient. But with Slant Fin Fine/Line 15 Baseboard, you get the right amount of heat to every room; these are cleaner than ducted systems. They are noiseless and they are almost guaranteed to save you money rather than spend it. By using Slant Fin Fine/Line 15 Baseboard you are getting a simple installation. You won’t have parts everywhere. When a technician comes to install your baseboard you will see him unpack the factory assembled pre-cut lengths and by using just a screw gun will start mounting the units to the walls.

Then they will install the durable and long lasting heating elements with the self-adjusting expansion supports. The front cover locks into a one of a kind support bracket hook. They also snap into place so they don’t come off, a great safety feature to have if you have children. Lastly, they will hook up any fittings that give more support to the units as well as giving the baseboards that finished look. There are two different styles of the Slant Fin Fine/Line 15 Baseboard, they are the 15-75E that is the baseboard that uses the 3/4″ heating element and the 15-50 which uses the 1/2″ heating element. These styles are both available in 1 and 4 GPM’s. Ask your Slant Fin representative any questions that you may have about the Slant Fin Fine/Line 15 Baseboard Heating System.


  1. Looking for a 6′ section of slant fin 15 (no copper with fins) just the cover and 2 LH ends and 2 RH ends

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