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Slant Fin Victory VSPH Series Gas Boiler Review


WeT HeaD KnowledgeSlant Fin Victory VSPH Series Gas Boilers are a sealed combustion and a direct vent boiler system. They are perfect for residential homes as well as new construction homes too. What makes the Victory VSPH boiler different than the others is that it does not require a chimney to work. It can easily be installed in a space as small as a closet or it can be vented right through a wall. This boiler uses outside air, the fresh air will not get in the way with the inside design of the system.

Some of the components of the Victory VSPH are the metal push nipples. These work in conjunction with the boiler sections. These are used to bring together the cast iron boiler sections. These nipples will increase in size as the boiler heats up. As this happens these nipples along with the boiler sections will tighten up and form a watertight seal, which prevents water from escaping into the system. The Victory VSPH Series Gas Boilers is designed with an electronic control that optimizes the operation of the boiler. The controls are set to check on the boiler status and the components to make sure that the system is working properly. There are 5 indicator lights that will signify normal operation and will also give the homeowner some diagnostic information when the lights are flashing.

Some other components of the boiler are the drain tube, quick connect wiring, intermittent pilot spark ignition designed to save you money. Also installed on the boiler is the field convertible gas valve that can be used for natural to propane gas. To add to the boilers efficiency, the Victory VSPH base is fabricated with heavy gauge aluminized steel. Then they are insulated with a very heavy layer of refractory insulation that encloses the combustion chamber. By holding in the heat you are saving money and heat as well.

The Victory VSPH has 5 different models to choose from, they have a heating capacity of 52,000 BTUH and 154,000 BTUH. When you order a Victory VSPH it will come pre-assembled with a cast iron heat exchanger, a built in air eliminator, base, pre-assembled flush jacket, gas burners, gas orifices and the manifold assembly just to name a few. In addition to the standard components, you can order additional products such as a 24-volt thermostat, an air package that includes a diaphragm expansion tank, a fill and pressure reducing valve and an automatic air vent. Speak to your representative and ask him about these options and how can they maximize the use of your boiler. Slant Fin is dedicated to bringing their customers the finest heating products in the business. They have a huge inventory of boilers and baseboard products. They are competitive in prices and only deliver quality products. Next time you are thinking about replacing that old boiler, think Slant Fin. They have many great products if the Victory VSPH is not right for you.


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