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Slant Fin Base/Line 2000 Baseboard


With heating season here, if you are thinking about changing the way you heat your home, look no further. Slant Fin is the leader in home heating products; they have a great line of Baseboard heating products that can save you money on your home heating bills. The Base/Line 2000 Baseboard Series is a great place to start. The application for the Base/Line 2000 Baseboard is for residential homes and apartment buildings.Slant Fin Base Line 2000 Baseboard

The Base/Line 2000 Baseboard┬á is one of the most competitive products on the market today. They provide the room with the right amount of heating every time. Unlike other styles and brands of baseboard, the Base/Line 2000 Baseboard from Slant Fin is made to work with contractors not against them. When you receive the baseboard they are already 100% assembled, they just have to install. When you decide on a Slant Fin Base/Line 2000 Baseboard you will get these great features, flared element tubes that make easy the putting the baseboard sections together. You will have the right amount of space above each of the heating elements for a return line. You have a choice of 3/4″ or 1/2″ heating elements. These baseboards operate at a 180-degree water temperature.

Slant Fin Base Line 2000 Baseboard

The heating elements are made from a high grade Slant Fin E Series Copper/Aluminum Heating Element. The one of a kind double bent fins allow for extra heating surfaces in spots that don’t have a lot of room. These heating elements have a self-adjusting plastic expansion support that prevents the baseboards from making any noise. The Base/Line 2000 Baseboard is available in pre cut lengths of 2 feet and up to 10 feet. They are about 7-3/8 inches so they will provide total enclosure of the heating elements.

These baseboards are not big clunking pieces of metal that will stand out in your home. They are compact to do they job properly and they are covered in a Nu-White baked on enamel so they will match any decor of any room. The Base/Line 2000 Baseboard has end caps and valve covers that are secure to the unit and will not pop off. The baseboards have rounded edges so they will not cut your feet of you get too close or cut your hands if you need to service the units.

The Base/Line 2000 is a hot water heating system that surrounds any room in your home. Because the heat is called natural convection, meaning this heating will block off any chilled drafts along the outside walls, where these units are installed. Baseboards had a less than popular reputation many years ago, but with the newest technology, the Slant Fin Baseboard is one heating unit that you can count on. They have a 100% modulating pivot-mounted damper that will control room temperature, so your system is not constantly being used. This will save you money. Check with your local Slant Fin distributor and inquire about this baseboard heating system, you won’t be disappointed.


  1. Do you have any pricing information on the hydronic slant fin radiators? We have to see if we can afford the change from steam to hot water. Do you have a distributor in Washington state? There are over 50 steam radiators in the building.

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