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Rheem Table Top Electric Water Heater


WeT HeaD KnowledgeRheem is the leader of water heaters in the country. They use creative design and the most current technology to bring to their customers only quality products. The Rheem Table Top Electric Water Heater is one of those products. Rheem only brings their customers quality products that are tested before they leave the factory and they are always certified by the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act.

Some of the features that come standard on the Table Top Water Heater is the Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve is factory installed onto the water heater. Never try to relocate any of the valves on the heaters, they will void the warranty and they will affect the way the heater is going to work. On the Table Top Electric Water Heater you will find that the cold-water inlet, hot water outlet, the relief valves and all of the electrical connections are located at the top of the tank. This makes for easy access and easy maintenance of the water heater when the time comes.

The lining of the Table Top Water Heater is a Rheemglas special lining; this was designed to protect the heater from the rust and corrosion that causes other water heaters to die out before their time. With Rheemglas, your boiler will have a longer life. A new feature on the water heater is a Direct Immersion Resistored Heating Element.

This feature is designed to send out all of the heat right into the water. This helps achieve the maximum amount of efficiency a water heater can have. The heating element is installed by screwing into the heater and it just as easily screws out for installation and or replacement. The unit is sealed to prevent any water from getting in, so you don’t have to worry about the element shorting out.

Other features in the Table Top unit are the baked enamel top contains acid and heat resistant materials, also prolonging the life of the water heater. Contributing to the efficiency of the water heater is that extra thick fiberglass insulation. This helps keep the heat in; this will save you money on the heating costs this winter. Another way to save money and conserve water is that the Table Top Water Heater has a automatic thermostat that helps keep the water set at the temperature that you request.

It is important to learn how the unit works and it is just as important to read how to take care of the Table Top Unit. There are many regulations that you have to read in order to install the water heater. There are water temperature warnings that have to be adhered to. It would be smart to read everything you can to ensure the long life of the system.

With proper care and proper maintenance your water heater can last many years. Rheem water heaters are built to last and built to provide you the hot water your home needs and for the heater to save you money too.

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