The MPO Boiler is one of the boilers that were designed with an innovative design. The main ideas for creating this boiler are the efficiency, the quality and how easy it is to service the boiler. The efficiency rating of the boiler is 87% AFUE and they are proud to say that there are no other boilers in the industry that is more efficient or even more reliable in providing of heat.
Burnham MPO Boiler Review

The MPO Boiler System has a one of a kind 3-Pass Cast Iron Design. This makes the boiler’s efficiency increase because there are more passways for the heat to travel through before coming to the heating system that heats your home. The 3-Pass Cast Iron Heat Exchanger takes as much of the Btu’s from the combustion process and uses them to heat your home. Each MPO Boiler comes with a one of a kind return water device that will automatically mix the hot boiler water with cool return water. The instrument can also keep the temperatures steady, this will also help improve the efficiency of the boiler.
Burnham MPO Boiler Review
There are 5 different sizes to the MPO Series Boiler, the MPO84 has a heating capacity of 74,000 MBH, Model MPO115 has a heating capacity of 98,000 MBH, Model MPO147 has a heating capacity of 129,000 MBH, Model MPO189 has a heating capacity of 167,000 MBH and Model MPO231 has a heating capacity of 203,000 MBH. Some of the features of the MPO Boiler System include, a Large Combustion Chamber. There are other systems that need a target wall to increase the heat but with this system there is no target wall or blanket, this will help increase the transfer of heat and will lessen the amount of repairs on the system. The MPO also has a Removable Flue way Baffles, this system will let the boiler to be installed in a multiple of different ways with the chimney application and will also allow cleaning to be done with ease.

The boiler is surrounded with a 3″ thick insulation, which is centered on the boiler block. This insulation will decrease the amount of heat loss that often escapes through the boiler jacket. The MPO has Honeywell Aquastat which is an electronic aquastat that includes a digital display and an interface that has the capacity of giving the homeowner diagnostic information. This style of boiler will help you save money on repairs, because as these diagnostic systems tell you when there are problems, you don’t have to wait until the problem gets worse before you can repair the system.

If you live in a home that does not have a chimney, the MPO-DV (Direct Vent) is available as an option kit. The kit includes a stainless steel sidewall with a concentric vent/air intake termination. There is insulated pipe that come sin lengths of 5, 10, 15 and 20-foot lengths. The Burnham MPO is one of the best boilers in the market; if you are thinking about replacing the old style boiler you have now, think about the MPO and make the smart choice.