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Buderus GC124 Gas Fired Boiler


Buderus Boilers offers many different styles of boilers; they have gas fired and oil fired. One of the leading boiler series in the Buderus inventory is the GC124 Gas Fired Boiler. What makes the GC124 such a great selling boiler? The boiler is compact in size and can easily fit into basements that don’t have a lot of room. The GC124 has a high efficiency rating of 84% and an impressive heating capacity of 74,000 Btuh and 132,000 btuh.Buderus GC124 Gas Fired Boiler

There are 3 different models of the GC124, the GC124/3, the GC124/4 and the GC124/5. Unlike some of the other boilers on the market, these boilers can be installed on combustible floor and they do come with either a standing pilot or an electronic pilot ignition. The GC124 has a special feature; it has their patented GL180M Flexible Cast Iron Construction.
Buderus GC124 Gas Fired Boiler
This is a one of a kind stainless steel premix Burner that allows the maximum amount of corrosion retardant material. In addition to these special parts, the Buderus GC124 comes with some standard features. Some of these features include a high accuracy casting with threaded nipples; these nipples are installed by the factory and will help protect the boiler from losing any unnecessary heat.

Some of the other standard equipment that is included on the GC124 is Honeywell Aquastat, you can’t go wrong with a Honeywell, and they are the best in the business. You will see a Relief Valve that is set for 30 psi. The GC124 has a circulator that has a 3″ whip and a built in draft hood with integral draft diverter, this equipment is installed to help install the boiler into basements that have lower ceilings that just don’t have a lot of room for boilers. The GC124 Boilers are all assembled to be installed as a Natural Gas application but it can be converted to a LP Gas operation when the technician comes to install the boiler. There are 2 types of ignition styles, the Intermittent Ignition with a Vent Damper for Conventional Chimney Venting and a Standing Pilot Ignition with a Vent Damper for Conventional Chimney Venting.

Once you have your GC124 boiler installed, it is very important to read the manuals. You should understand how the boilers are supposed to work and at what operating temperatures should be correct, what the valves should read. The better you understand how the boiler works the less maintenance you will need in the long run. You will be able to identify problems sooner and this will save you money, the quicker the problem is taken care of, the less money you will spend on a service call. To recap the benefits of the GC124, the boiler uses a Stainless Steel Corrosion Resistant Premix Burners, A GL180M Flexible Cast iron and you have a choice of a Standing Pilot or an Electronic Ignition. There are 3 different models to choose from with the BTUH ranging from 74,000 to 132,000. The Model is GC124 and next time you are looking to replace your boiler, take a look at the GC124 from Buderus Boilers.


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