There are many boilers out there on the market that don’t do the job that homeowners want them to do. Burnham Boilers work on maximum efficiency and they get the job done. One of these boilers is the Model CHG Gas Water Boiler. This style boiler has an energy efficient rating of 94% plus. A contributing factor to the Burnham CHG Series Boiler is they have one of a kind heating engine. The boilers are sectional boilers that are constructed with Cast Aluminum designs. These boilers take the heat from the exhaust gases from the combustion chamber and use it to preheat the water as it comes into the boiler. There is no loss of water or energy here.Burnham CHG Gas Water Boiler

There are 2 Different sizes in the CHG Series, The CHG150 has a Maximum Input of 150,000 MBH and the CHG225 has a Maximum Input of 225,000. Both models have all of the same standard equipment that includes a Select Insulated Jacket, which allows for maximum protection of the boiler and offer more efficiency. The CHG boilers have a Drain Valve, a Stainless Steel Mesh Burner and a Circulator pump that is shipped separately from the boiler. The CHG Boiler has a Flue Gas Temperature Sensor and a Flame Sensor. Included are the Safety Relief Valve, the MCBA Microprocessor Control with an Outdoor Reset. Also shipped are the Air Inlet Screen, Differential Pressure Switch and the Variable Speed Combustion Blower.
Burnham CHG Gas Water Boiler
The Boiler Controls Module is a microprocessor that manages all of the boiler functions of the boiler. The Control Module keeps the set points for the boiler and the domestic hot water supply temperatures and will keep tabs on the supply and return water temperature, the flame sensors and the flue gas temperature. The Venting for these boilers are Sealed Combustion Systems. This means that the system will use the air from the outside as the combustion for the boiler. This type of system is perfectly safe and the construction is a sturdy Stainless Steel. The installation can be either vertical or horizontal, either way the venting is made to last.

One of the special technologies of the CHG Boilers is that they have what is called a Premix Technology. These boilers are using a pre-mix combustion assembly that includes a modulating gas valve, a variable speed blower and a venturi that will allow a fuel and air mixture to the stainless steel burner. It is the perfect way to operate the boiler. The CHG Series Boiler uses a Full Modulating Operation System, this system is designed to automatically adjust the firing rating to match up to what your home needs to be heated. The CHG boiler has a 5 to 1 turn down ration, which will allow the unit to adjust its output to a more efficient system. You want to choose a boiler that has a high efficiency as well as a system that will save you money and operate to its fullest potential. That boiler is the Model CHG Gas Fired Boiler by Burnham.