The Freedom CT Series Boiler from Burnham Boilers is one of the best boilers in their huge inventory of boilers. The Freedom CT holds one of the highest boiler efficiency ratings of any boiler, a 95% plus. There are 3 different sizes in the Freedom CT Series, 70, 90 and 120 MBH. All three models can be used with either Natural Gas or Propane.Burnham Freedom CM Condensing Boiler

The three models of the Freedom CM Series are the FCM070 it has a Maximum Input of 70,000 and a Heating Capacity of 63,000 MBH. The FCM090 has a Maximum Input of 90,000 and a Heating Capacity of 80,000 MBH and the FCM120 has a Maximum Input of 120,000 and a Heating Capacity of 107,000 MBH. Contributing to the 95% rating is that the heat exchanger is a Cast Aluminum Monoblock System. One of the great features of the Freedom CT is that you can hang it on the wall to make it a wall-mounted unit. This feature is perfect for basements that do not have a lot of room. The unit has an innovative and sleek design, making this boiler something to look at.
Burnham Freedom CM Condensing Boiler
The Freedom CM Condensing Gas Fired Boiler has a one of a kind Polypropylene Centric Venting. This style of venting is easy to install unlike other venting systems. The best part is that all parts of the CM Series come with the boiler; you will get the vent pipe, elbows and the termination all included. This venting system works well with most with the CM wall hung system. The CM Series is equipped with a Control Panel that is factory mounted onto the boiler. The MCBA Control Module can be found on the inside lower front cover of the boiler. It is easy to access and easy for troubleshooting. Maintaining a boiler has never been made easier.

Some of the other great features of the Freedom CM Boiler is that they have a LWCO that is installed on every boiler as a standard piece of equipment. The CM Series comes with a stainless steel mesh burner assembly that works best with the CM boiler to bring to you better operation. The CM Series all come with a Gas Valve and a Venturi System. All Boilers are equipped with a pressure and Temperature Gauge that you can see when the panel to the boiler is closed. Perfect for inspections and maintenance.

The CM series has a fully operational system complete with an Outdoor Reset. There are so many reasons as to why you should buy a Freedom CM Gas Fired Condensing Boiler but the main reason why you should is the efficiency, the more efficient the boiler is the more money you are going to save. The Boiler comes assembled and includes everything you will need to set up the boiler and have it running the very first day. Burnham Boiler has a great reputation and they stand by every boiler that they sell.