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Bradford White FVIR Eco Defender Safety System


The Eco Defender Safety System is an Ultra low NOx Series Water Heater from Bradford White. The engineers who designed this system used the most innovative design as well as the most advanced technology to bring this water heater to you. The name says it all; this is an eco friendly water heater that meets the requirements of the South Coast Air Quality Management District. The emissions are low and the safety and performances are high.Bradford White FVIR Eco Defender Safety System

The FVIR Eco Defender Safety System from Bradford White has some great features. The system has a Defender Combustion Chamber, this includes an Advanced Technological Flame Arrestor plus a large split door design to stop any vapors from escaping from inside the water heater. Another great feature is the Self Diagnostic Honeywell Gas Control; this system has a concentration gas control valve. The system learns and will keep an eye on the combustion chamber and the temperature inside. The system will stop the water heating up during conditions that may not be right.

The Controls are also set up with an LED Display to help start up and start diagnosing any problems with the water heater. The connections on the FVIR Eco Defender Safety System are 3/4″ NPT factory installed dielectric fittings. The Tank is made from heavy gauge steel and is protected by 1″ of NON CFC Foam Insulation.
Bradford White FVIR Eco Defender Safety System
The Eco Defender has a Sight Window that gives the homeowner a view to the combustion chamber, so that they can see how the pilot and burner are working. By reading the safety manuals and the specification manuals, you will learn how to read what you are seeing. You will be an old pro in no time. The base of the water heater is a pedestal base style. Its construction is made to be durable and will let you move the water heater for different positioning if necessary.

The Igniter is a Millivolt Powered Control with a Built in Piezo Igniter. This is a quick and simple way to light the pilot burner by just a push of the button. The system runs clean because there is an Ultra Low NOx Burner with First and Second Air Distribution. This allows the system to have the right amount of air and gas mix. Other basic standards are the Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves and a Brass Drain Valve. Never try to move these valves to other locations on the water heaters for whatever reason.

Once you alter the design of the water heater the warranty is void and you can seriously affect the way the water heaters runs. Make sure that you read all of the necessary manuals and paperwork that come with the water heaters. Often homeowners just figure that the water heater is new and they don’t pay attention and something may go wrong and it ends up costing them a lot of money to have someone come out a take a look. It is better and more cost efficient if you took some time and read the manuals and familiarize yourself with the water heater, you won’t be sorry.

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