The Rainbow In-Line Chlorinator is one of the many great products in the Pentair inventory. Pentair has products on thousands and thousands of swimming pools all over the world, especially in the United States. These In-Line Chlorinators are perfect for swimming pool owners who don’ have a lot of time to take care of their swimming pools.Rainbow In-Line Chlorinator

The Rainbow In-Line Chlorinator is available in 2 series the 300 and the 320. These chlorinators work great on large residential swimming pools and even large commercial swimming pools. The capacity of these In-Line Chlorinators range from small pools to pools that can hold 332,000 gallons of water.

Keeping up with your swimming pool’s needs can be time consuming but these In-Line Chlorinators are automatic and they are as easy as 1-2-3 to use. Simply use the slow dissolving sticks or tabs of chlorine or bromine. Why should you use these automatic pool sanitizers? Let’s take a look at the Pentair Rainbow In-Line Chlorinator and see the features and the specifications of these chlorinators.

Rainbow In-Line Chlorinator Features

Some of the features of the Rainbow In-Line Chlorinator are the two different series the 300 and the 320 have a clear amber filter that makes viewing the salt levels easy. There is no more taking apart these products just to see if it is working or not. These systems are 100% closed; you won’t need any venting system either. Now you can avoid that blast of chlorine when you open some of the other in-line chlorinators.

The 320 Series can be used for permanent installations in your swimming pools return lines. It doesn’t matter if you are using this system on an existing swimming pool or a brand new installation. This chlorinator can be installed on the pressure side of the return line of the pump. It uses a standard 2″slip PVC fittings and it uses an 1-1/2″ adapter.

Rainbow In-Line Chlorinator Specifications

Rainbow In-Line Chlorinator
This system offers a capacity to hold 11 large or 98 small tablets. This system can treat about 6500 gallons of water to 27,000 gallons of water. The 320 System can treat 10 ppm at 6,700 gallons of water for bottom feed and 17,500 gallons of water top feed. This system is very compact and won’t take up much room at all. It measures in at 17-3/4 in height x 5 in width x 10 in diameter. It is worth mentioning that if your swimming pool has any copper plumbing it would not be a good idea to install this system.

This In-Line Chlorinator will save you a lot of time and money. Since these are automatic sanitizers you will have to fill the chlorinator once a week and let the machine do the work for you. These are free standing models or they can be installed into your swimming pool lines. You can adjust the control valve to add more chlorine or less. The idea that you control the levels is great. The top loading system makes this system easy to use.

You won’t have to turn any product upside down to get the tablets in, just simply twist the top off and place the chlorine or bromine in and twist the cap back on and forget about it. There are feeder extensions available if you want to add more tablets for longer periods of time. These are great for vacations or when you know you will be too busy to take proper care of your swimming pool.

There are many In-Line Chlorinators out there on the market. It would be a good idea to shop around and compare the Rainbow In-Line Chlorinator with other brands and see which style works for you. Take into consideration the style of the feeder and how much they cost. Remember if you have copper plumbing it is best not to install this feeder. The price on this In-Line Chlorinator is about $72.95; you may be able to find it for less if you call your local swimming pool supply store.

The Rainbow In-Line Chlorinator offers an easy to use system that is affordable and dependable. Pentair has a great line of products that are high quality and high performance. Do some comparative shopping and choose the style of chlorinator that works best for you and your swimming pool needs.