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Rinnai RHFE-750 Gas Fireplace


Rinnai has been in business since 1920 but it wasn’t until 1974 when the company started selling their products in the United States. Today, you can Rinnai products all over the world.Rinnai RHFE 750 Gas Fireplace They have a complete line of Tankless Water Heaters, Direct Vent Furnaces, Hydronic Air Handlers and Gas Fireplaces. With many homeowners trying to save money in the cold winter months, why not consider a Rinnai gas Fireplace. These are a great way to save money on your heating and electric costs.

A fireplace may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to heating your home but there are some advantages to having this style of heating. One factor is that these Rinnai Gas Fireplaces have an efficiency rating of 83%. They put out 7 different patterns of flames and different heat output levels. These systems are run 100% from a remote and they have an automatic adjustment where you can change your heat output and the blower speed to obtain a more stable room temperature. One of the premier models in the Rinnai inventory is the RHFE-750 Gas Fireplace. Let’s take a look at what the RHFE-750 has to offer you. We will see the features and the specifications of this model and you can take into consideration whether or not this style of room heating is best for you.

Rinnai RHFE-750 Gas Fireplace Features

Rinnai RHFE-750 Gas Fireplace
The Rinnai RHFE-750 Gas Fireplace offers a 7-stage electronic modulating gas valve. This gas valve can be used to accurately utilize the amount of energy you wish to use to heat that certain room. This system uses a stainless steel heat exchanger, which has a long life expectancy. Included with this fireplace is a Thermistor that was designed to help create a more precise temperature control. There are special sensors built in incase of power failure, flame failure, a power surge and even for overheating. The RHFE-750 offers a 3 Speed Fan that provides better heat distribution. You can save about 60% on the heat turn down even with the flame set on the lowest setting. There are interchangeable fronts that offer better choices to match your own home decor style. Some of the other features are that it is energy efficient so you can successfully heat a zone of your home and save money on the zones that does not need to be heated.

With this gas fireplace you can keep your home at a very comfortable level, you won’t be stuck between the hot and cold phases again. You will find a pre-heat setting that will guarantee a set room temperature. The digital timer mode will allow the fireplace to be turned on and off in two settings periods, the morning and the evening. You can save a lot of money on your home heating costs with the RHFE-750.

Rinnai RHFE- 750 Gas Fireplace Specifications

Some of the specifications of this gas fireplace are the minimum and maximum gas rates. When you use Natural Gas with the RHFE-750 you will have a minimum BTU of 11,000 and a maximum of 29,000. When you use Liquid Propane you will have a minimum BTU of 11,000 and a maximum of $28,000. The logs that are used with this fireplace are ceramic. The venting system is either outside or atmospheric. Check your local and state codes before purchasing this fireplace.

This fireplace has a framed in dimensions of 31.49′ in width x 26.18″ in height x 17.72″ in diameter. But the actual measurements including the surroundings are 36″ in width x 26.75″ in height x 15″ in diameter. One of the great things about this system is that the RHFE-750 can be installed either with or without any zero clearance boxes. The vent termination consist of a 4″ surface with flexible venting choices that can actually be painted to hide and match your home’s decorating style. These vents are 30% smaller than most other vents. As we mentioned earlier, this system comes with a fully functioning remote control. On this remote you will find you can adjust the flames and the heat output. You can see the full time clock with display along with a dual set of timers. The remote has an override function and a flame function. Of course it comes with an On and Standby setting and a low battery warning. Everything you could want and more with a remote control.

The Rinnai RHFE-750 Gas Fireplace is great for homes that don’t need to have every single room heated at the same time. Rinnai offers a high efficiency way to heat your home and save you money. The warranty on this gas fireplace is 2 years from the date of purchase on all parts. The warranty will cover any defects found in the materials or the workmanship. With a good solid warranty and a solid features, the RHFE-750 seems like a good choice for a home fireplace. It is 100% safe and it should be installed by a professional since you are dealing with gas. To find a Rinnai dealer near you, check out their website and click on find a dealer. Then choose Fireplaces from the Product Line and enter in your zip code. You will find in seconds the Rinnai dealer that is closest to you.


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