Micheal Asks The Pool Guy:

When I tried to replace the light fixtures in my pool I found that there was only about 6 (six) inches of extra wire left in the niche. I attempted to pull on the nub of a wire that was left and I tied a nylon cord at the other end of the light wire so I could use it to fish the new wire back through the conduit. The electrical line broke and after about an hour underwater pulling on that nub of a wire that was left, I was successful in pulling the old wire out.

I then attempted to run a fish tape down the conduit at the electrical supply. I could tell that I was almost at the niche in the pool when the fish line would not go any further. It appears as a 90˚ coupling has been installed on the horizontal plastic conduit where it leaves the niche. Then there appears to be a 2nd 90˚ coupling that changes the conduit back to a horizontal run and terminates at the electrical box.

Please take a look at the sketch that I drew in hopes that it might illustrate what I am trying to describe to you:

Pool Light Niche Diagram

Would you have any suggestions on how I can go about running the pool light wire? I think that my fish line is too rigid to be able to bend 90 degrees at one coupling and then bend the other way at the second coupling.

I would greatly appreciate any advice you might have. I don’t know what else to try to get the wire through the conduit.

Pool Guy Answer:

Hi Micheal,

I have seen that happen many times before in my days as a pool guy (over 17 years ).

But unfortunately at this point, this repair is now out of the “Pool Guys” hands and falls into a liability risk, so by law you will need to hire a licensed electrican,

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help,

Have a wonderful summer,


Thank you very much for your time,

Michael P. O’Connor