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Pool Light Wire Question


Micheal Asks The Pool Guy:

When I tried to replace the light fixtures in my pool I found that there was only about 6 (six) inches of extra wire left in the niche. I attempted to pull on the nub of a wire that was left and I tied a nylon cord at the other end of the light wire so I could use it to fish the new wire back through the conduit. The electrical line broke and after about an hour underwater pulling on that nub of a wire that was left, I was successful in pulling the old wire out.

I then attempted to run a fish tape down the conduit at the electrical supply. I could tell that I was almost at the niche in the pool when the fish line would not go any further. It appears as a 90˚ coupling has been installed on the horizontal plastic conduit where it leaves the niche. Then there appears to be a 2nd 90˚ coupling that changes the conduit back to a horizontal run and terminates at the electrical box.

Please take a look at the sketch that I drew in hopes that it might illustrate what I am trying to describe to you:

Pool Light Niche Diagram

Would you have any suggestions on how I can go about running the pool light wire? I think that my fish line is too rigid to be able to bend 90 degrees at one coupling and then bend the other way at the second coupling.

I would greatly appreciate any advice you might have. I don’t know what else to try to get the wire through the conduit.

Pool Guy Answer:

Hi Micheal,

I have seen that happen many times before in my days as a pool guy (over 17 years ).

But unfortunately at this point, this repair is now out of the “Pool Guys” hands and falls into a liability risk, so by law you will need to hire a licensed electrican,

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help,

Have a wonderful summer,


Thank you very much for your time,

Michael P. O’Connor


  1. mr. pool Guy, we are trying to replace light in our in ground pool.when we put light back in place it floats around,how do you put it back in?

  2. hi Keith
    This things you can try, but i think your best bet would bea pool guy, he can get u back in tracks for a service call that’d cost u probably no more than 100 bucks.

    Light floats because it has air in the unit and it”s sealed. the way you put it back in the niche is quite simple and complicated depending how paciente you are and how long you cand hold your breath for. laying belly down and with your swimm mask on, grab the light and coil the electric cord arround the back of the lightuntil you are about4 to 6 inches from the niche, then on a 20 to 30 degrees angle lock the bottom part of the light rim in to the bottom part of the niche firts and then align the top to secure it with the attached screw. I hope this helps, you can always consider draining pool down below the light (if pool is concrete, under 25K gal and you’re on city water)
    Good luck

  3. Hello , I have a pool light that I need to replace, light is on deck right now and wire is disconnected, I tried pulling wire out in both directions and it does not want to move,am I missing something to losen up ?

  4. i have 3 pool lights that work fine with 100w bulbs in but do not light up the pool like other pools with the same transformer as mine. what can i do to get the pool lit up.the transformer has 4 terminals for the 230a entrance and 2 wires going to the 12v terminals,all 3 light cables go into a junction box in the pool room

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