How To Open & Close The PRO Grid D.E. Filter

If you need to open up your Hayward PRO Grid filter to inspect or clean the internal parts you can do so but first you will need to shut the filter system off. Next you will need to remove the drain plug which is located on the bottom and back of the filter. Once you have drained the pool filter you will need to loosen the tank nut and then slide the spring of the bolt. Now you can knock the belly band off of the tank housing. Once you do this you can use a Flat head screwdriver to pry the top part of the filter tank from the bottom, and then you will be able to remove the top of the filter.

Hayward PRO GRID Filter Troubleshooting

Pressure Gauge Always Reads The Same Pressure

If your pressure gauge on Hayward PRO Grid is always displaying the same pressure readings, there is a good chance that the gauge is made. This is a common mistake that many people will make. So if your pressure gauge never moves, just head on down to a local pool store and grab a new gauge for your filter. The old gauge will spin right out and then you can just spin the new gauge right in. You will also want to make sure that the filter system is off when you are replacing the filters pressure gauge.

My Hayward PRO Grid Is Putting D.E. Back Into The Pool

If your seeing D.E. come back into the swimming pool through your return jets or you have woken up to some on the swimming pool floor then chances are one of your filter grids has a whole or tear. You will have to open up the filter tank then wash the D.E. from the filter grids so you can inspect all of the grids for tears and holes. Usually when the filter grids start getting holes in them they are old and need to be replaced. If you sewed one of them chances are a new hole will just open up somewhere in that grid because the mesh will most likely be brittle.

Filter Tank Belly Band Is Leaking

If the belly band on your PRO Grid filter is leaking chances are the o-ring inside the tank is pinched or dry and cracked. What you will need to do is to shut the filter system down, drain your Hayward filter by removing the tank drain plug, and then you will want to remove the tank bolt, the spring and the belly band so you can inspect the filter tanks o-ring.

Water Is Coming Out Of The Back Wash Line While Set On Filter

If you are seeing water coming out of the back wash line while you have the filter running but the multiport valve is set on filter then chances are your spider gasket inside of your filters multiport is bad. You will either need to replace the entire multiport valve or you can try to change the gasket inside.

Filter Needs To Be Back Washed Every Few Minutes

If your filter pressure is going up every few minutes and you are back washing like crazy but the pool isn’t clearing up at all you may have to much caked D.E. on your filter grids. What you will need to do is to open up the filter and wash all the caked D.E. from the filter grids.

Washing Out The Filter Grids

Once you have the filter tank open you can then remove the grids and wash all the D.E. off of them with a garden hose. If you have a spray nozzle attachment for the hose then you should use it because that will help you remove the D.E. from all areas of the filter grids. After you wash all of the filter grids you will want to inspect all the grids for rips and tears.