Mary Asks The Pool Guy:

Last year, we replaced our chlorinator with a Hayward CL 100. It is very difficult to remove the cap to add chlorine tablets. Do you have any suggestions?


Mary Murphy

The Pool Guys Response:


If you have already started the filter system this year what you will need to do is to shut the filter off and then open the air valve on top of the filter, many times the Chlroinator will have a vacuum inside of it preventing you from removing the lid, so if you open the air bleed screw on the filter that will allow air into the system.

Let me know if you need more help,


Mary Replies To The Pool Guy:

We haven’t gotten the pool going yet. We tried to open the chlorinator before getting everything coonected, because when it is in place it is in a very awkward position under the deck. Even though it is out in the open right now, we can’t get the cap off.


The Pool Guy Replies:


You can then buy a wrench that fits the top of that,

Its called a Chrorinator wrench :)