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Island Recreational Pool Supply


Island Recreational is a swimming pool supply company that has several locations on Long Island located in New York. You can find pumps, filters, swimming pool chemicals and pool toys at the Island Recreational stores. If you are looking for main stream brands like Hayward, Pentair and STA-Rite you will have to visit another swimming pool supply store such as Leslie’s for these types of products because Island Recreational does not sell parts for these brands, they only stocks parts for their own brand.
Island Recreational Pool Supply

What Type Of Pumps Does Island Recreational Sell?

Island Recreational sells pumps that are made for small above ground swimming pool systems. They have a few different brands and models of pool pumps that also come in different horsepower models. The price of the pump will increase as the horsepower does, meaning the more horse power that the pump has the bigger the price tag will be, but this is common with all brands of pumps. Some of the Island Recreational locations even offer swimming pool pump repair as well as a fully stocked parts department to help you with all your replacement part needs.

What Types Of Chemicals Does Island Recreational Sell?

Island Recreational sells a few different types of chemicals for your swimming pool. Two of their most popular chemicals are green out and black algae out. Green out is Island Recreational’s brand of standard pool shock that they recommend to help clear your pool faster. Their Black algae out is also another common product that will help you remove black algae from your pool which is more common in cement or gunite pools vs a pool with a vinyl liner. Island Recreational also offers the standard supplies likes Alkalinity, pH plus, pH minus and their famous orb that sells a lot during the summer.
Pool Chemical Test kit
3 Easy Steps With Island Recreational supplies:

1) After you take your swimming pool cover off, add some green out to your swimming pool water that you bought from Island Recreational Pool Supply.

2) The next thing you will want to do is to prevent black algae is to add some black algae out that you bought from Island Recreational Pool Supply to the pool.

3) The last thing you will want to do is to protect your chlorine with the Island Recreational Pool Supply CHLOR-GUARD.

Island Recreational Pool also says to always remember to check and adjust your pH levels in your pool before adding chemicals. They also say not to forget your filter sand or filter element while you are at the store getting the pool opening chemicals.

What Types Of Pool Covers Does Island Recreational Pool Supply Sell?

Island Recreational sells standard pool covers, their sell draining ez-drain pool cover and some locations even sell a safety swimming pool cover. The standard pool covers are the least expensive but will also do the job and protect the pool during the winter. The EZ-Drain cover will take a bit more time to install but will save you time in the winter time because the cover is self draining so you won’t be messing around with pumps all winter long. If you are also looking to add an extra level of safety to your swimming pool then you could get a safety mesh pool cover from Island Recreational Pool Supply as well.

How To Remove & Install The Island Recreational EZ-Drain Pool Cover:

The EZ-drain pool cover can be installed in a few steps, but you will need a few things to do so. You will need a Flathead screw driver, the hose clamps, the pool drain hose, the ez drain cover, the cable and the cable winch. Once you have all these parts together you can move on to the ez-drain installation and removal guide below.

1) The first thing you will want to do is to make sure that your swimming pool water is at least mid skimmer. The EZ-drain cover works on gravity so if your pool cover does not float high enough then the pool cover could drain slower and not work right.

2) Take your wire pool cable and insert it through every loop of the pool cover. Take the end the of the cable and go in and out of every loop until you reach the point of where you started.

3) Remove the return fitting from the inside of the swimming pool. This is also known as the swimming pool return jet. Once the return is removed from the wall you will want to screw the tapered hose adapt into the wall fitting. This is where one end of the EZ-drain pool hose will connect.

4) The next thing you will want to do is to screw the other tapered hose adapt into the fitting that is in the center of the EZ drain cover. You might have to flip the pool cover upside down to see the fitting. Once you find the fitting screw the tapered hose adapt into it.

5) Now you will want to take your two hose clamps and place one on each end of the pool hose that came with the EZ drain cover. This hose should be around 12 feet long.

6) Once you have the hose clamps on each end of the hose you will now want to slip each end of the pool hose on to each one of the taper fittings you screwed in earlier. Now that the hose is on the tapered fitting you can tighten down the hose clamps.

7) Now that the hose is connected to both the pool and the cover you can place the cover on top of the pool. Once the cover is placed evenly on top of the pool you can tighten down on the cable with the cover winch and secure the cover for the winter.

8) On the outside of the swimming pool take the return hose and connect it to the fitting on the outside of the wall so when the cover drains out of the wall fitting the water will travel to the ground through the hose you just connected. You can also control the flow of the water from the ez drain cover this way as well.

When the pool EZ drain swimming pool cover starts to collect water, the water will go into the center drain and then through the hose you connected and out of the pool. Its as simple as that.

Does Island Recreational Pool Supply Have Any Specials Or Memberships?

Yes, In fact Island Recreational Pool Supply offers a “V.I.P. Membership” That costs a few dollars to join but Island Recreational says that you will receive special deals that only V.I.P. members are entitled to. The regular public will not have access to these deals or specials. The VIP Program also has the “special of the week” and the VIP red carpet list.

Where Are The Island Recreational Pool Supply Located?

Island Recreational Pool Supply has five different locations so they can serve you for all your pool needs easily no matter where you live on Long Island.

The Island Recreational Pool Supply In Franklin Square is located on 600 Franklin Square Ave, 1/2 mile north of Southern Street. This store is located in Nassau County, New York which is on Long Island.

The Massapequa Island Recreational Pool Supply Store is located on 1059 Hicksville Road, so you can just take the southern state to Exit 29N and you will be right there. This store is located in Nassau County New York as well.

The Centereach Island Recreational Pool Supply Store is located on 1953 Middle County Road, you can take the Long Island Expressway to Exit 64, and the store is just east of Route 112. This store is located in Suffolk County, New York and is also on Long Island.

The Deer Park Island Recreational Pool Supply is located on 1480 Deer Park Ave, and you can get there by the Southern State by taking exit 39n. This store is located in Deer Park, New York, and is also in Suffolk County.

The Medford Island Recreational Pool Supply is located on 3223 Horseblock Road which is located just of the Long Island Expressway Exit 64N, and there store is just east of Route 112. This store is located in Medford , New York which is located in Suffolk County, on Long Island.

What Are The Island Recreational Pool Supply Store Hours?

The normal store hours for Island Recreational Pool Supply are 10am – 6pm, although these store hours are sometimes extended during holiday or peak seasons, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

How Can I Contact Island Recreational Pool Supply?

You can contact Island Recreational Pool Supply by Telephone by using one of two numbers. On there website they have 516 – 520 – 1860 listed as a questions line. You can also contact Island Recreational Pool Supply by calling there famous number that they have had for years which is 1800 Spend Less.

Alternatively you could also go down to anyone of there five locations listed above and talk to them directly in the store.


  1. I purchased an above ground pool on June 2, 2008, and had the pool installed at the end of June. Over the summer,
    I kept adding water to my pool figuring that the kids splash etc…. It is almost time to open the pool for the first time, and
    the water in the pool was almost empty. Several times I kept adding water to it, and the level is still going down slowly.
    I found one spot where the the pool has been wet, even without rain. Please let me know what Island Recreation can do for
    me. I had stopped in over the winter time, and was told to wait until the weather got warmer. Please call me for it is under
    contract. Thank You, Carolyn Rodriguez 2321 Willoughby Ave. Seaford, NY 11783

  2. Purchased a pool alarm on speculatin back in January from a very helpful salesman at the N. Babylon store.Waited to p/u item sight unseen till June.Sized it up to my pool ( purchased at Island Rec ) and found that it did not fit /would not function properly as I have pavers over the trim /edge of my semi in ground 15 x 30. Went back to N. Babylon store today and met same salesman , who turned out to be the store manager. He was no longer the helpful salesman but the unsympathetic manager who rudely informed me that this item is not returnable , as policy. This is a not used item in the box w/ reciept. Does not seem very consumer friendly. I would have gladly accepted a store credit which the ” manager ” filled a request for reluctantly and informed me that ” it WILL be denied “. This has not been my experience w/ your store in the past , please explain as I have spent $ thousands $ with you in the past and plan on haveing a pool fpr a long time into the future.

  3. Bought a heat pump from the massapequa store from their tent sale. Spoke to a salesman who said he would order the intallation kit ( that was supossed to come with the heat pump) for me and that it would arrive in a few days. One week later went to the store to pick up the kit and was met by 2 store managers who said i”t wouldn,t be in until the following week’. When questioned why it was taking another week I was told “I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO TELL YOU ITS NOT HERE” When I asked to speak to the person who I spoke to that day I was Told ‘I CAN NOT PRODUCE HIM”. Today I called before I went to confirm that they were in the sales person advissed me that he could not pull up the acctount and would send the store a message to call me back. I asked how long it would take he said depends on how busy they are. What a waste of space these stores are employees that have no clue as to what they are selling and no customer service. never again will I buy at these stores.

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