The Wayne Home Equipment Company was started in 1928; they were located in the second largest city in Indiana. The company started out manufacturing lawn mowers and refrigerators. It wasn’t until the 1940’s when Wayne started with water pumps. The company has been in the swimming pool pump industry for over 60 years. They also have an extensive line of sewage pumps, lawn pumps and sump pumps.Wayne Swimming Pool Pumps

There are two different models in the Wayne Swimming Pool Pump Line, the WIP100 and the WIP150. When you order a Wayne Swimming Pool Pump you will need to know which horsepower you will need.

The horsepower that you will need will depend on the size of your swimming pool. If you are attempting to replace a swimming pool pump then use the same specifications to size up your new Wayne Pump.

Wayne Swimming Pool 1 Horsepower Pump

The Wayne Swimming Pool Pump Model WIP100 is a one horsepower pump. It is rated at 6200 gallons per hour at a five-foot head. The pump housing is made from a reinforced Thermoplastic for both In-Ground and Above Ground Swimming Pools. These pumps are self-priming pumps with an extremely efficient dual voltage motor, which is 120/240 vac. It is factory wired for 240 volts. The WIP100 Swimming Pool Pump has a large capacity strainer basket with a clear view lid for easy cleaning. It has a standard 1-1/2 NPT Suction and Discharge for easier installation. Model WIP100 at a 20-foot head can work 5520 gallons of water per hour.

Wayne Swimming Pool 1-1/2 Horsepower Pump

Wayne Swimming Pool Pump
This Wayne Swimming Pool Pump Model WIP 150 is a 1-1/2 horsepower pump. It is rated at 6800 gallons per hour at a 5-foot head. Like the WIP 100, it is a self-priming, high efficiency dual voltage motor which is factory wired at 240 volts. The WIP 150 has a larger capacity strainer basket to catch more dirt and debris than other swimming pool pumps. The Pump is also made from a reinforced thermoplastic. The WIP150 is a 1-1/2 horsepower pump that at a 20-foot head will have 6120 gallons of water per hour. These motors are self-lubricating and there won’t be any oil that ever needs to be filled. As you are cleaning out the swimming pool strainer basket it is important to clean out all hair and lint that may become entangled in the pump.

When you install these pumps, it is important to remember that the pump should be installed into a solid and level surface as close to the swimming pool as you can. The pump should be placed in a dry and a very well ventilated area where the pump will not come into contact with direct sunlight. The Wayne Swimming Pool Pumps should be installed below water level for maximum priming.

It is recommended that the electrical wiring should only be performed by a licensed electrician. Attempting to wire the pump yourself may cause some damage if you are not familiar with what you are doing. By causing any damage while attempting to hook up the WIP 100 or the WIP 150 may void the warranty so make sure that you read the warranty as well. What makes Wayne Swimming Pool Pumps so great is that their manuals contain all of the information that you will ever need. These manuals cover everything from Trouble Shooting Guides, Maintenance, Parts List and Installation Instructions. It is very important to read all of the warranty information as well as the install manuals.

It is also very important that you choose the Swimming Pool Pump that best suits your swimming pool. You want to make sure that your pump is big enough to accommodate the entire swimming pool. Log onto the Wayne Pump website and look for a distributor. If you plan on shopping the web, you can search for a great deal on either pump. If you have any questions about the Wayne Swimming Pool Pump you can contact them via phone, email or by filling out the contact form on their website. Even if you haven’t bought a pump yet or they can tell you where to buy the pumps and answer any questions you may have.