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Hayward Cartridge Filters


Hayward is the leader in swimming pool industry when it comes to equipment and products. One of the products that they excel in are the Cartridge Filters, they are high quality and high performance filters. Nothing but the best for Hayward’s pool customers. These cartridge filters have been around for many years but they haven’t always been a popular choice.Hayward Cartridge Filters

Then came along technology and now they are just as popular as the Sand or D.E filters. The Hayward Cartridge Filters are made from a strong fiber material that is extremely effective in getting rid of dirt and other matter that can be found floating in the pool.

Some of the benefits that you get with the Cartridge Filters that you don’t get with a Sand or D.E Filter are that these filters are compact and very lightweight. They are easy to install and when you have a cartridge filter you don’t have to backwash. These systems are the most effective in large filtration areas and they require less maintenance and a longer filter runs between the cleaning of the swimming pool.

Hayward XSTREAM Cartridge Filters

Hayward XSTREAM Cartridge Filter
The Hayward XSTREAM Cartridge Filter is one of the best in the entire industry. This filter is one of the biggest cartridge filters as well. This filter has a large capacity for collecting dirt and debris from the swimming pool. It has a higher capacity air relief valve as well. Some of the great features of the XSTREAM Cartridge Filters are the longer life and as a pool owner you will not clean the filter as often as you may a D.E Filter or a Sand Filter. The Hayward XSTREAM Cartridge Filter offers a quick release and a glass reinforced PermaGLass XL Filter Tank. This ensures a longer lasting cartridge filter. The filter has a Hayward’s patented Easy Lok that provides easier access to access to all of the inside parts of the cartridge. The Hayward XTREAM Cartridge Filter also has an optional Microprocessor Timer that features an audible beeping sound, a preset filtration setting and a manual override.

There are two different models in the XTREAM Cartridge Filter the CC1000, which covers about 200 feet of effective filtration space, and the CC1500, which covered about 300 feet of filtration area. The designed flow rate of the CC1000 is 80 gallons per minute and the CC1500 has a designed rate of 120 gallons per minute.

Hayward Easy Clear Cartridge Filtration System

Hayward Easy Clear Cartridge Filtration System
The Easy Clear Cartridge Filter Systems are for above ground swimming pools or all shapes and sizes. These filter systems are made from a high quality ABS material that is built to last a long time. The Easy Clear Cartridge Filtration System contains the Hayward’s Easy Lok lid that allows easy access to the cartridge element. It has a built in check valve that will stop the accidental loss of any swimming pool water as the cartridge is being cleaned. The system has a one of a kind safety catch that will stop any over tightening of the cover and any thing from getting into the filter.

The Easy Clear System uses high quality polyester bad a molded center core whose purpose is to allow for easy cleaning, higher water flow and a long life. There are 3 different models the C400 and the C550 both use the Power Flo LX Hayward Pump and the C225 uses a Hayward Power Flo Pump. The C400 and the C550 use a one horsepower pump with an 80 square foot filtration area and the C550 covers a 110 square foot area. These systems can turnover 24,000 gallons of water in an 8-hour period. Hayward has a great inventory of Cartridge Filters these filters are available in filters and they are also available in filter and pump systems. These filters are efficient and they are designed with the most advanced technology and innovative designs.

The Pump and Filter System comes with the Modular Platform Base, Union connections and a complete hose package. Visit your local Hayward representative and see what other styles of filters they have. These Hayward Filters and Pump and Filter Systems have a one-year warranty. If you shop around you can get a really great deal.


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