WeT HeaD KnowledgeAll boilers contain burners; these are what keep the boilers up and running. There are three burner companies that are the most popular in the industry, Carlin, Beckett and Riello. If you have shopped for a boiler before, you may have noticed that some boiler companies use Beckett Burners on all of their boilers and other companies offer a choice of the three. If you are in process of purchasing a boiler and you aren’t sure what burner to choose, here is a comparison of Carlin, Beckett and Riello. After reading the article, it may make choosing a burner a bit easier.

Carlin Burners are a very popular brand of burners. Carlin Burners are well known for their reliability as well as their dependability when it comes to heating your home. Carlin offers the Advanced Oil Burners and the EZ Pro Advanced Oil Fired Burners. The Advanced Oil Burners consist of 99FRD, 102 CRD and 100 CRD. The input of these burners range from 0.50 to 3.50, because they are oil burners, the recommended oil to be used are the Number 1 and Number 2 Fuel Oil.

Carlin EZ Pro Advanced Oil Burner

The EZ Pro Advanced Oil Burner has a great range of power, their input ranges from 0.5 to 2.50. These burners are also recommended to use the Number 1 and Number 2 Fuel Oil. These burners work off of a 120-volt electrical supply, so they don’t need any fancy wiring done. The controls that are used in Carlin Burners are Carlin Model 41000 Solid State Electronic Ignition and they use an Ignition Voltage of 14,000 volt. The maximum ambient operating temperature allowed on the Carlin Units are 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Carlin Burners are high efficient and have long life expectancies as long as the boilers are burners are taken care of. The costs for Carlin Burners are about $500. Some places may have higher prices and others may have more or the same. You can find Carlin Burners online or you can contact your local HVAC Company. But it is important to do the research on the product and the price before choosing a new burner.

Beckett Oil Burners

Beckett Burners is one of the most recognized names in the burner industry. There are many boiler companies that use on Beckett Burners. If you are purchasing a boiler and you only want to use a Beckett Burner, find out if the boiler you are considering has a Beckett Burner installed. Beckett Burners premier number one seller is the AF II. This burner has a firing rate of 0.10 to 1.50. It can generate a range of 56,000 Btu’s to 210,000 Btu’s. The recommended use of oil for the Beckett AF II Burner is the Number 1 and Number 2 Fuel Oil. These burners are so compact that they can fit into tight fitting boilers. These burners measure 13″ in height, 14″ in width and 6-11/16″ in diameter. When you install a boiler or a burner, make sure that you have the required space allotted by the manufacturer standards. Read the installation manual to find out what these clearances are. Though they offer instructions on how to do the installation but if you are not familiar with a boiler system, it may be a good idea that you hire a professional to install the burner. The Beckett AF II is reasonably price around $ 450.00. Chances are the more shopping around you do for better prices you will find a less expensive price. Beckett is a well-respected name in the business and you know when you use a Beckett the parts are 100% quality and the service of the product is 100% reliable and dependable. As long as you keep up the maintenance and the service, your burner can last you many long years.

Riello Oil Burners

The Riello is one of the most trusted names in the heating business. Riello Burners can be used on most boilers but there are some companies that prefer to use Riello to any other burners. Riello has a notable inventory; their top three sellers are the MONDUBLOC SE, the RDBS Gas Burner and the GAS 3 Burner. The MODUBLOC SE burners have a firing rate of 1070 kW to 9580kW. The RDBS has an Output Maximum of 47.00 and a Minimum of 16.00. If you are searching for a single stage burner the RDBS is perfect for you. The GAS 3 Burner has a minimum output of 130.00 and a maximum of 350.00, there are 5 different models under the GAS 3 category. All Riello Burners have factory installed electrical supplies for single phase and a voltage range from 200 to 240 volts. All of these burners are gas burners so they will require Natural Gas. All Riello burners are reliable and efficient and that’s why they are in the top three for burner choices.

The Riello Burners range in prices from $ 400 to $550, you may be able to get a better price by shopping around. You will see that the prices on all three burners are all in the same ballpark. That is how you can tell that the company is honest. By contacting the representatives for each company or a local distributor that sells the burners, you may be able to find a slightly less expensive burner. It always pays to shop around.