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Rheem Prestige Series Heat Pump


Rheem has been heating homes and businesses for over 50 years. You may recognize the name Rheem with products such as Air Handlers, Air Conditioners, Water Heaters and Heat Pumps. They produce quality products with high-grade materials.Rheem Prestige Series Heat Pump Rheem offers great warranties on their products; on their Heat Pumps they offer a 10-year warranty on the compressor and a 10-year on the unit’s conditional replacement. Rheem stands behind every product they sell. Their customer service is unmatched in the business and that is why they are one the leaders in heating products.

Rheem’s Prestige Series Heat Pumps are rated as a high efficiency two-stage heat pump that was specifically designed to perform at its maximum capacity. The Prestige Series Heat Pumps are best used for single, multi family homes and for light commercial purposes. One of the standout features of the Prestige Heat Pump is their Comfort Control System. You will get an On Board Diagnostic System. This is Rheem’s unique 7 Segment System with LED Display located on the control board. This system is unlike the other self-diagnostic systems because it will quickly and most importantly accurately the homeowner or the service technician the exact place where the system is having problems. With a system like this, you will save a lot of money on repairs because you will be able to target the problem soon rather than later when more problems can arise.
Rheem Prestige Series Heat Pump
Another great feature of the Comfort Control System is what Rheem calls the Fault Recall. This a great safety feature to have. During a power failure the system will “remember” the pumps’ operation history and it can display the history on the control board if there are any system failures .The Control System also offers a monitoring system that will help stop the compressor from operating when the unit senses that there are dangerous conditions are found. The Prestige Heat Pump is available in different sizes from 2 to 5 tons. The Btu’s per hour are from 23,600 to 58,000 Btu’s. Some of the benefits of the Prestige Series is the 30 second minimum with a run time for every compressor call and the pump will let the oil go back to the compressor. The patented Active protection will help prevent the compressor from running if any damage happens to the pump.

There is a manual push button on the Prestige Heat Pumps that installed to give the user complete operation of the compressor and the fan for about 5 seconds, which will allow for an operations check. On the Prestige Heat Pumps the compressor and the fan are both controlled separately, the reason for this is that it will reduce the staring load of the pump as well as reduce the amount of light dimming that occurs when the pump is started. You will find the Status Indication and System Diagnostic System on Prestige Pumps. On this system you will find the thermostat communication capabilities and a built in diagnostic system. Plus a high and low voltage monitoring and a high and a high and low switch monitoring system. The placement of the thermostat will let the owner know of any service requirements that have to be met in that point in time. The compressor is 100% reliable due in part to an increased high and low voltage-monitoring system.

Let’s discuss some of the standard features of the Prestige Heat Pump. The pump has a copper tube, aluminum fins that are installed on all of the Prestige Heat Pump Models. The Compressors have an internal pressure relief assembly that will help protect against any excessive pressure.

Question: Are there any outdoor accessories available for the Prestige Heat Pump?

Answer: There are three different outdoor thermostats available. They are model numbers RXPT-A01, RXPT-A02, RXPT-A03 and RXPT-A04.

Question: Are these heat pumps tested before they are shipped?

Answer: Every unit that is made is factory charged and run tested before being sold to the public.

Question: What types of Certification does these Heat Pumps have?

Answer: The Prestige Heat Pumps are certified by Energy Star, ARI Performance Certified and it is UL Listed as well.

The Rheem Prestige Heat Pump is a great choice for your heating needs. Rheem is a leader in the heating industry and the Prestige Line of Heat Pumps is one of their best selling products. Next time you are looking to replace a heat pump, look to Rheem, they are the best for a reason.


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