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Wood Furnace Buyers Guide


Some homeowners are looking for an alternative to Natural Gas and Oil Fired Boilers. How about trying a wood furnace? There are more companies out there that are becoming manufacturers of the wood furnace. There are three main models of wood furnaces that are the best sellers for their companies. Take a look at what each one has to offer. You may see that a wood furnace is more efficient and provides cleaner air than a Natural Gas or Oil Fired Boiler.Wood Furnace Buyers Guide

The first is from a company called Greenwood Furnace; the furnace that sells the best is the Greenwood Hydronic Wood Furnace. Wood furnaces are one of the safest ways to heat your home. They are environmentally friendly furnaces and they emit fewer emissions into the air. Most furnaces will only have a heating capacity of 1100 degrees Fahrenheit, but the Greenwood Hydronic Wood Furnace has a heating capacity of 1800 to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Choosing a wood furnace can be hard but with a name like Greenwood you can not go wrong. There product line is always expanding to meet the efficiency needs of home heating. This unit is a smart choice for many homeowners and is also recommended by thousands of home heating professionals all over the world.

Greenwood Hydronic Wood Furnace

Greenwood Hydronic Wood Furnace
There are three sizes in the Hydronic Wood Furnace the models 100, 200 and 300. The rated outputs are 100,000 Btu’s, 200,000 Btu’s and 300,000 Btu’s. Each model has a different heating capacity per square foot. The Model 100 has a heating capacity up to 4,000 square feet, Model 200 has a heating capacity for 8,000 square feet and the Model 300 has a heating capacity of 12,000 square feet.

You may be thinking that these furnaces will cost a lot, but in the long run they can save you about 70% of the heating costs. The Greenwood Hydronic Wood Furnace costs around $ 5500.00. But if you do some shopping around you may be able to find some places like online that offer less prices. Make sure that the shipping costs are included in the price otherwise you may be paying a lot of extra money for no reason. The last two wood furnaces come from the same company, Central Boilers. Central Boiler Company mainly focuses on wood burning furnaces. They specialize in high-density fully insulated wood furnaces. Central Boilers offers a wide inventory of wood furnaces ranging in furnaces that holds 140 gallons of water to 450-gallon water capacity. Two of the most popular the E-Classic 2300 and the Dual Fuel Ready Wood Furnace.

Central Boiler E-Classic 2300 Outside Wood Furnace

Central Boiler E-Classic 2300 Outside Wood Furnace
One of the most popular models from Central Boiler is the E-Classic 2300 Outside Wood Furnace. This furnace is different from all other wood furnaces because it uses a special 3-stage combustion process designed for efficiency and for emissions. In some furnaces you may find a lot of wood debris left over after the burning cycle, with E Classic 2300 you will not only find zero debris but very little ash as well.

One of the features of the E Classic Wood Furnace is the Cam Loc Door Closure. For maximum efficiency, the wood furnace will close 100% tight when you are done cleaning to adding wood to the furnace. The furnace door is insulated with triple the amount of insulation on a regular boiler. The system is easy to load and it comes with an Electronic Controlled Night Light, so you can see when you have to load the furnace at night. The E Classic 2300 Wood Burners because of the size and the efficiency are priced around $9,850. The price may seem high but you should shop around and see who has the best prices. The price reflects on the 450-gallon water capacity and it has an 8″ chimney for safety. By purchasing an E Classic 2300 wood furnace you are ensuring that you will save money on your heating bills.

Dual Fuel Ready Wood Furnace

One of the newest types of Wood Furnace is the Dual Fuel Ready Wood Furnace. The primary function of this furnace is wood but it has a back up that works with Natural Gas, Oil or Propane. The wood furnace has 4 different settings, the Wood Only Setting, the Clean Start Setting, the Dual Fuel Back Up and the Fuel Setting. This style furnace has 85% efficiency and a heating capacity of 150,000 Btu’s and it increases when you use a different application. The Dual Fuel Ready Wood Furnaces are made with only quality materials and they are tested by the Environmental Protection Agency. The benefits of the Dual Fuel Wood Furnace is that if you run out of wood, you could use the other settings to help heat your home. It really is a great back up system to have and no other wood furnace has this back up system.

Plus these furnaces are 100% safe and reliable. They are all tested and certified by the Environmental Protection Agency before they are shipped out. This wood furnaces meets all Phase I and Phase II regulations and can be installed anywhere in the United States. Prices for the Dual Fuel Ready Wood Furnace is priced around $ 11,200.00. This may seem a bit much but if you think about what you are getting, it is worth every penny. Whenever you make a large purchase such as a boiler you want to make sure that you do as much research as you can, not only on the price but also on the type of boiler you want and what benefits you can get from them. A boiler is a huge investment and you want to make sure you put your money in the right one.


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