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How To Repair Your Pool Water Bags


So I am sure you have heard “These water bags are no good” only so they can be tossed right in the trash costing you another $7.99 – $10.00 per water bag depending on where you buy the water bags. The good news is that you can stop wasting your money on new water bags every time you need or shall we say, ‘think you need” new water bags.How To Repair Your Pool Water Bags

Let me explain something that many people never even think about, But first let me tell you a bit about swimming pool water bags. Water bags are made from the same vinyl material that swimming pool liners are made from. In fact a lot of the times pool guys will use water bags as the actual patch material to repair a pool liner that matches the color of the water bags which is usually the standard blue pool liners if your wondering.
Single Tube Water Bag
So, with that said, If the Pool guys are using the “water bags” as “patches” for the swimming pool liner then why not use a water bag to patch your other water bags when they spring small pin holes or even small tears. As I mentioned above, all to often do people just see a small pinhole in their water bag to only toss it into the trash. There is enough plastic being wasted on a daily basis as it is, there is no need to throw out even more plastic if you can help it. So now that you know you can repair your water bags and you also where given the reasons you should, let me explain how you can do so.

How To Repair Holes In Pool Water Bags:

If you have a pinhole or a larger sized hole or tear in your water bag you will be able to fix it but you will need a few things to do so. You will need a tube or bottle of swimming pool patch glue. You will also need a new water bag or another old water bag and a pair of sharp scissors. The first thing you will want to do is to cut the patch material (water bag) about an inch bigger then the size of the whole or rip in your damaged water bag. You also will want to round the corners of the patch as well; this will give the patch more of a chance to stay on longer as there are no “corners” to get caught up on things.

Now that you have cut the patch and round the corners you will want to apply some patch glue on both the patch and the water bag that needs to be patched. You off course will want to make sure that both the water bag and the patch are clean from dirt and debris before actually applying the rubber cement / swimming pool patch glue. Once you have the glue on both the water bag that needs to be fixed and the patch, you can then apply the patch over the hole and hole. You will want to hold the patch in place for a about thirty seconds. You then will want to let the glue set for about 24 hours and your newly patched water bags will be ready to use. You know just saved yourself a bunch of money because you didn’t have to replace the water bag, instead you repaired it for pennies on the dollar.

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