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Trane Super Efficiency XL15i Heat Pump


Trane has one of the most extensive heat pump inventories in the industry. Geothermal Heat Pumps are being sold more and more, especially since the Government has announced a 30% Tax Credit when you purchase an energy efficient geothermal heat pump.

One pump in particular in the inventory is the Trane Super Efficiency XL15i Heat Pump. This heat pump can offer your home the comfort that you deserve and not just in the winter but everyday all year round.

The Trane Super Efficiency XL15i Heat Pump is Energy Star Rated. This means that when you use this product properly you can save a lot of money on your home heating costs. Energy Star Systems also means that the air quality will greatly improve. All Trane products have something called Trane CleanEffects. This system is an air filtration system that uses the lowest pressure drop with the most efficiency. This system is only available on the Trane Units. Let’s take a look and see what the features and specifics of this geothermal heat pump have to offer.

Trane Super Efficiency XL15i Heat Pump Features

Some of the features of these heat pumps are the economical feature. This is an increased energy efficient pump that will lower the energy bills as well as get you a 30% tax credit. The Trane XL15i Heat Pump offers a durable and strong construction. All of the materials used in creating this pump are factory tested several times to ensure high quality and a longer lasting pump.

The Trane XL15i Heat Pumps offer a quieter operation than other heat pumps. This pump is 15 SEER with a rating up to 9.0 HSPF. This qualifies the pump as being energy efficient. As we mentioned earlier the XL15i also offers the Trane CleanEffects making an improvement to air quality. Some of the specifications of this heat pump comes with the Climatuff Compressor, Full Sided Louvered Panels so that you can create your own airflow. The system is powder paint fresh to match any outside decor. It comes with WeatherGuard Fasteners this help protects the heat pump from rain, cold air, snow and heat.

The XL15i is built with an Electronic Demand Defrost in case of extremely cold weather. The unit comes with Compressor Sound Insulator and a Two Row All Aluminum Spine Fin Coil. The Two Row All Aluminum Spine Fin Coil will improve the airflow as well as the heat transfer. There is less risk of the pump clogging or becoming eroded with this system. Trane has been in business for over 90 years. Their company is made up of 4 things, Reliability, Clean Air, Efficiency and Total Control. These 4 factors put together bring you the Trane inventory of geothermal heat pumps. Each pump is tested over and over to ensure customer satisfaction. If you are considering upgrading your home heating system then consider the following questions. Are you spending more money than you would like on your heating and air conditioning bills? Does anyone in your family suffer from asthma or allegories? And lastly Do you want a system that is easy to maintain? If you answered Yes to any of these questions then you should consider a Trane Super Efficiency XL15i Heat Pump. Contact your local dealer and find out how to purchase this heat pump for your home. Check out Trane’s website for more information.


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