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ECONAR GeoSource DualTek Geothermal Heat Pump


Not sure how geothermal heat pumps work? When the pumps are in the heating setting the water travels through the earth loop is colder than the ground. The water then turns into energy, which is the heat from the earth. ECONAR GeoSource DualTek Geothermal Heat PumpThe water then moves the heat into the heat exchanger in the pump and the refrigerant then takes the water from the heat and the water then travels through the loop again for more heat. This of course is just a short abridged version of how the pump works. These geothermal heat pumps are very effective and very energy efficient.

ECONAR is one of the leaders in the geothermal heat pump industry. Some of the most common ways to use these pumps are through Radiant Floor Heating, Hot Tubs, Heat Recovery, Car Washers and Swimming Pools. ECONAR offers a system called the DualTek Geothermal Pumps. This system has all of the necessary capabilities that is needed to create a warm environment for your home. These units are available in 3 to 6 ton units, let’s take a look and see if this pump can be an asset to your home or business.

ECONAR GeoSource DualTek Geothermal Heat Pump Features

ECONAR GeoSource DualTek Geothermal Heat Pump
This GeoSource heat pump system and the earth loop are built to be one system. They will include all of the piping and controls that you will need to effective install this pump. The Earth Loop on these heat pumps is made of a high density polyethylene piping. These lines will provide 25 degrees Fahrenheit water and antifreeze so that these pumps don’t freeze. These pumps are very commonly used in multi pump zones because of their efficiency.

The most common installation of these pumps for residential homes is radiant heating. The DualTek heat pump can provide effective and efficient heat to your home and this can save you money on all of your energy bills. This pump can be used with Forced Air Systems, Hydronic Heating Systems, Combination and Domestic Hot Water Systems too.

ECONAR GeoSource DualTek Geothermal Heat Pump Specifications

Since these pumps work in conjunction with the Forced Air Models they have different performance ratings. For example, the Ground Loop Forced Air Models range in CFM’s from 1,100 to 2,150 with a GPM range from 8 to 14. While the Ground Water Forced Air Models range in CFM from 1,100 to 2,150 and a GPM range from 4 to 10. The BTU’s on Ground Loop range from 32,000 to 63,000 and the Ground Water ranges from 36,100 to 68,500.

With Hydronic Mode the Gallons per minute are 5 to 11 and the Loop GPM are 8 to 14. The Btu’s range from 27,700 to 59,600. Depending on which method you choose to use with the geothermal heat pumps will determine which specifications you will need. Each mode has 4 different size pumps. So you will need to know which pump you need. ECONOAR has been in business for over 20 years, they have been servicing the cold winter state of Minnesota. If these pumps can withstand the cold Minnesota winter they can work anywhere. If you are interested in more information or looking to purchase a DualTek Pump then log onto their website and click on the Locate a Dealer they can help you find the nearest local distributor to your home. ECONOAR offers quality and high performance products, you won’t be disappointed.


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