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How To Adjust The In Ground Pool Water Outlets


Properly adjusted water outlets on the filter of your in ground pool can contribute greatly toward keeping the pool clean. The outlets of the pool discharge water through a nozzle, which can be aimed. When aimed properly the nozzle will direct the current flow in the pool helping to sweep the stairs clean, direct floating debris towards skimmers and even concentrate debris on the bottom in the center of the pool making vacuuming easier. How To Adjust The In Ground Pool Water Outlets

Look at the design of your pool and envision the water moving in a large circle around the pool. Look at where the skimmers are placed and how the current path can be used to push floating debris towards the skimmers making their capture of floating debris more effective. Ultimately debris not captured by the skimmers will concentrate in the center of the pool where the concentration makes skimming easier. The discharge nozzles can be the type that loosens then can swivel in any direction or, they may turn and have a fixed angle which the turning action changes direction.
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In planning the self cleaning flow of water in your pool keep in mind controlling the water flow will sweep areas clean and direct the debris towards skimmers with the circular flow eventually concentrating any debris the skimmers don’t capture in a dead area in the center of the pool. The flow of the nozzle in the area of the stairs can be used to sweep debris from the stairs carrying it to the flat bottom of the pool for easier vacuuming and floating debris out into the flow of the main pool towards a skimmer.

Nozzles on the sides of the pool do not have to point upwards making a turbulent flow, which may contribute to sinking debris, which removes the possibility of the skimmers catching it or, scooping it in a skimmer net. Instead direct the flow of the water so it creates a current in the pool without making waves on the surface and adjust the angle wherever possible so the water directs floating debris right towards the skimmer basket. With a little playing with the angle adjustments of the nozzles you will soon see more debris in the skimmer baskets and less floating around in the pool or sinking to the bottom. Making the task of keeping your pool clean much easier giving you more time to enjoy your pool and less time spent working on the pool.

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