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Hayward Swimming Pool Lights


If you are thinking of new ways to spice up your swimming pool area, Hayward has the answer. Lighting is one great way to enhance the look of your swimming pool and it offers a huge safety measure as well. So many parents don’t like the idea of their kids swimming at night because of the darkness of the water. But with the Hayward ColorLogic lights, you can now have the ease of knowing that the pool is safely lit for the kids.Hayward Swimming Pool Lights

Hayward’s ColorLogic offers its own Chromocore technology and along with the microprocessor built in, these lights can bring the most advanced LED lighting system on the market today. You may think that by installing lights into the swimming pool that your electric bills will be higher than normal. But ColorLogic Lights are energy efficient and they can actually save you money rather than spend it.

With Hayward’s ColorLogic you are getting more of a color choice and an unmatched lighting system on the market today. Too often lights burn out and you have to hire a swimming pool company to buy the light and install it. With ColorLogic, these lights will out last the standard swimming pool light bulb, so you are saving money on maintenance as well.

Features of the ColorLogic LED Lights

Hayward Swimming Pool Lights
The features of the ColorLogic LED Lights are sealed lights and they do not require any maintenance at all. These lights were created with advanced technology, they have the ability to synchronize at least2 or more lights on the swimming pool or spa. The ColorLogic LED Lights have the only safety feature that includes 15 seconds of white light at start up. This will let you know that the lights are coming on.

This is a great safety feature because if you have kids swimming at night, the light lets them know it is not safe to swim until the lights come on. These lights last longer than the standard halogen lights, metal halide or incandescent bulbs. The lights are UL listed for fresh water applications and they are made with a thermoplastic or stainless steel rims. The ColorLogic Led lights are available in 12 volts and 120 volts. They have a great feature of 12 preset programs with 5 fixed colors and 7 slowly color changing light shows. These will surely add spice to your backyard.

What are the colors available?

Twilight, this color changes 1536 colors that offer a relaxing and elegant lighting, perfect for outdoor dinner parties. The Voodoo Lounge is another color, this setting is great for a fun party and it unlocks over 1500 colors. Another color is called Tranquility, this sounds as relaxing as it is. The calming colors will provide a nice romantic style of lighting. The Gemstone setting offers blue, green and magenta colors that are perfect for any party for just some nice nighttime swimming.

The USA! Lights are perfect for the Fourth of July; they give the poll the red, white and blue look. These lights offer a light show unlike any other in the industry. There is also Cool Cabaret offers a perfect a perfect disco theme to the swimming pool. Lastly, there is the ultimate party color setting the Mardi Gras, everyone will love this light slow, it offers 36 fast changing colors. The five fixed lights include Afternoon Skies, Deep Blue Sea, Emerald, Sangria and Cloud White.

Why Should I Choose Hayward ColorLogic Series?

Hayward offers the most high quality products in the industry. So by choosing ColorLogic you are getting a superior product that requires no maintenance and a color light show of your choice. There are so many swimming pool lights on the market, but the others don’t offer the vibrant colors that Hayward does. If you are looking to spice up your investment, then the Hayward ColorLogic LED Lights is just what you need. Contact your local Hayward dealer and see what they have to offer and how you can turn your backyard into something more exciting.


  1. I have two that are doing the strobe thing. 1 right after the other.

    Complete junk! Avoid Hayward Color Logic lights.

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