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Hydro Pool Vacuum Products Buyers Guide


Now is the time to star taking care of your swimming pool. In order to get more out of your swimming pool, you want to spend more time in the pool and enjoying it rather than spending hours and hours cleaning it. The first step to a clean pool is the proper equipment. Often, times swimming pool owners don’t have time to clean their own pools. But if we rely on automatic cleaners and swimming pool cleaning companies we are allowing them to take up more time than we don’t have.Hydro Pool Vacuum Products Buyers Guide

By purchasing and investing in the right equipment, you can keep you swimming pool spotless in less time and less money than spending it on companies and automatic cleaners. You will be proud of the job you have done. In order to get started you will need some new equipment. For the ultimate vacuum cleaning supplies you will need a new vacuum head, a new reel of vacuum hose, skimmer nets, leaf rakes and pool brushes. There are so many companies out there, how can you know which one to choose?

Pool Master has some of the most reliable and durable equipment in the industry. They offer complete lines of Vacuum Heads, Vacuum Hoses, Leaf Rakes, Skimmer Nets and Pool Brushes. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

Pool Master Vacuum Heads

Pool Master Vacuum Head
The Pool Master has two different styles of vacuum heads, the Deluxe Triangle and the Vacuum Head Flex II 14. The Pool Master Deluxe Vacuum Head works best on vinyl pools for both in-ground swimming pools and above ground swimming pools. The vacuum head offers smooth flexible movements that will not cause wear and tear on your swimming pool liner. The Deluxe Vacuum Head offers a close to the wall vacuum that others vacuum heads do not. The Deluxe can pick up debris, dirt, small pebbles and even some algae. The Deluxe Vacuum Head from Pool Master is affordable, it costs about $42.72.

The Vacuum Head Flex II 14 is a more contemporary style of vacuum heads. They don’t look like vacuum heads at all. This vacuum head offers more flexibility and can easily maneuver around steps and ladders. This vacuum head is compact in design so it may not look like much but it is capable of picking up, leaves, dirt, sand particles and small pebbles. The Vacuum Head Flex II 14 is affordable as well and costs about $ 29.44.

Pool Master Vacuum Hoses

Pool Master Vacuum Hose
Along with the new vacuum head, you will want to replace the vacuum hose. Pool Master offers the Pool Master Deluxe 1 .5 Vacuum Hose. These vacuum hoses are strong and durable and are made from a reinforced material making them last for more than a season. These hoses come in three different lengths, the 1-1/2″ x 35 feet, 1/2″ x 40 feet and the 1/2″ x 50 feet. These hoses are well made and built to last.

They can be used on any swimming pool, either an in-ground swimming pool or an above ground swimming pool. These hoses are also affordable; they range in prices from $ 49.25 to $ 69.97. You can find these pool hoses online and if you call around you may be able to find set in your local swimming pool supply store.

Pool Master Leaf Rakes

Pool Master Leaf Rake
Leaves are one big pain in the neck to swimming pool owners. Without the right equipment, we can never fully get rid of the leaves. But with Pool Master Vacuum Heads and Vacuum Hoses we are on the right track. But what about those leaves that just float on the water’s surface? Pool Master offers the best leaf rakes in the industry. The Pool Master Leaf Rake comes in two different styles, the Pool Master 123 Regular and the Pool Master 122 Deluxe.

The Pool Master 123 regular offers a leaf rake made from an ABS material, this means that the leaf rakes won’t bend or break so easily. The Regular has a considerable raised lip end that is perfect for trying to remove those hard to get to leaves stuck at the bottom of the swimming pool. The Pool Master Deluxe Model 122 offers a 3/8″ aluminum solid rod and a heavy-duty mesh screen. The Deluxe Model 122 offers a squeegee for a more effective way to scraping the bottom of the swimming pool.

Pool Master Skimmer Nets

Pool Master Skimmer Net
A good investment to make is a skimmer net. The right net can skim the pool’s surface for algae, bacteria and other contaminants that float along the water’s surface. You can use the skimmer net to skim the water for leaves as well. It shouldn’t be used to scrape the leaves from the bottom of the pool that is why you will need to purchase a leaf rake.

There are some homeowners out there that like using the skimmer net to scrape the leaves from the bottom of the swimming pool. By using the skimmer net rather than a leaf rake, your skimmer net is going to break. Pool Master offers a Skimmer Net with ABS Plastic and a Pool Master Skimmer Net with Aluminum. Each one is made with the highest quality materials, making these skimmer nets reliable and long lasting providing you use them as which they were intended to be used. The Pool Master Skimmer Net with ABS costs $ 8.50 and the Pool Master Skimmer Net made with Aluminum costs about $ 18.68.

Pool Master Pool Brushes

Pool Master Pool Brushes
Now, if you want to take an extra step in cleaning your swimming pool, make the investment in a swimming pool brush. These brushes are great for algae that gets stuck on the sides of the swimming pool over the winter. Pool Master offers The Turbo Brush; this brush offers an 18″ curved brush that is used with man-made bristles. These strong bristles can cut down the amount of brushing time in half. You can use the Turbo Brush on any pool wall; it is great for above ground swimming pool and in-ground swimming pools too. The Turbo Brush is very affordable; the price is around $ 7.50.
Then there is the Pool Master Stainless Steel Corner Brush; this is a strong brush that will fit on any vacuum pole or any threaded broom handle. This model has a unique pointed bristle that is gentle on any swimming pool, spa, and hot tub and even lights and pool jets. The Stainless Steel Corner Brush costs about $ 11.75.

Lastly, there is the 9″ algae brush, most swimming pool owners have this brushed tucked away some place. This brush uses several rows of stainless steel bristles that are perfect for even the toughest algae stains. The 9″ Algae Brush from Pool Master is very affordable, it costs about $ 19.15. We have offered you the complete list of everything you will need to get started in making your swimming pool, the talk of the neighborhood. You have the information and the rest is up to you. Everything here is affordable and can be purchased online. If you want to protect your investment, then you have to start with the right equipment.


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