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AquaVac Manual Pool Cleaner


There are many automatic swimming pool cleaners on the market today. But many manual pool cleaners become overlooked. AquaVac Manuals are the best manual swimming pool cleaners that you can get. These systems are designed for both residential and commercial uses. There are three different models available. Why spend your money on a pool cleaning service that shows up when they have time. AquaVac Manual Pool Cleaner

Some pool owners spend more time waiting for the company to show up and what if they cancel, what do you do? You can make the investment by purchasing an AquaVac Manuals Pool Cleaning Machine. These units can effectively pump 16,000 gallons of water per hour. The company offers complete units that come with carts for easy transportation. The AquaVac Manual Pool Cleaners have a one year limited factory warranty.

Features of the AquaVac Manual

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on automatic swimming pool cleaners because you think that they offer better features than the manual models do. The AquaVac Manual offers a 100% self contained unit, this special design gets rid of any need for hoses that stick out of the unit as well as any priming that has to be done with automatic models. The AquaVac Manuals offer a one-piece high-density rotational head that cleans every inch of the swimming pool. The unit comes with a heavy-duty mesh filter bag. This specially designed filter bag can hold sand particles, leaves, pebbles, sticks and dirt without the filter bag ripping. The unit comes with a marine motor that won’t short out when being placed in the water.

The unit is battery operated; you won’t have to worry about stripping over extension cords or trying to find an outlet nearby. The AquaVac Manuals are easy to use, simple roll the unit into the swimming pool. Then lower the vacuum head down and turn on the switch. Remember to always turn the switch on after the AquaVac is already into the water.

Specifications of the AquaVac Manual

AquaVac Pool Cleaner
As we mentioned earlier, the AquaVac Manuals were designed for both residential as well as commercial swimming pools. Model 9130 is perfect for residential, small commercial pools and fountains. The system will include a 21″ head and a 40-foot cord. It comes with a chemical tray and soap dispenser as well as a battery box and a filter bag. The Model 9130 can circulate about 16,000 gallons per hours and has a one-year warranty for parts and labor. The AquaVac Manuals Model 9120 was designed for commercial use, it has a 30″ cleaning head and it can reduce cleaning time as much as 50%. The Model 9120 comes with a 60-foot heavy-duty power cord that is covered with foam for protection against the water. It comes with a caddy cart, filter bag and a battery box. It can circulate about 16,000 gallons per minute and includes a one year parts and labor warranty.

Benefits of the AquaVac Manual

What makes the AquaVac Manuals so great is that they offer a wide cleaning head so the entire pool can be clean. When vacuum poles and vacuum heads are used, they can’t always get into the hard to reach corners. With the AquaVac Manuals you won’t have dirt spots on your pool floor again. Another great benefit of the AquaVac Manuals is that you don’t have to change the filter bag for a few seasons. You will have to clean them out but new ones will not be needed for at least 2 to 3 seasons.


Can I Swim in the Pool With the AquaVac Manual?

While the AquaVac is protected with safety features that take out the worry of electricity and water, it is not recommended that anyone swim in the water while the AquaVac Manual is in the water.

What if the cord doesn’t reach my outlet, Can I use an extension cord?

No, using an extension cord with an AquaVac is not recommended, it is a fire hazard and can may cause some damage to the cleaner itself.

I want to get a jump on cleaning my pool before I open it. Can I use the AquaVac Manual underneath the pool cover?

Yes, the only thing that you have to look out for is that the cover will let the cord float without any tanglements.


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