Hayward is stepping into the green ring; they have come up with an eco-friendly system of swimming pool controls called the Goldline Controls. The system is the Sense and Dispense Total Pool Chemistry. This system was designed to help the homeowner enjoy the swimming pool more and perform maintenance less. The system is an automatic water chemistry dispenser system. There are three great components of that system that will help you keep your swimming pool cleaner longer.Hayward GOLDLINE CONTROLS

The Goldline Valve Actuator will help rotate your swimming pools 2 and 3 port valve system automatically and with accuracy. The Goldline Valve Actuator can be used in conjunction with the Aqua Logic System. The Valve Actuator will automate your pool and spa operation as any solar heating system you may have, automatic swimming pool cleaners and even water features. By using the valve actuator you are saving money because the actuator controls the water flow to provide your system with the right amount of water.
The Goldline Aqua Pod is believe it or not a water remote control device. The Aqua Pod is designed to control everything from the water flow to the water’s temperature. The Aqua Pod controls the filtration system and water features. It is 100% waterproof and has a built in rechargeable batteries. The Aqua Pod can float horizontally and it has a backlit display for nighttime viewing. If you are looking to save money on your swimming pool’s operating costs this summer then the Aqua Pod is just what you need. If you are looking for a more complete package try the Aqua Plus. The Aqua Plus was created with the pool and spa owner in mind. The system offers an automated control system and an electronic chlorination into one easy to install system. The Aqua Plus is the complete package; it is easy to program to ensure maximum efficiency every time.

The Aqua Plus will control your water filtration system and the water temperature system. You get to choose the schedule that you want. If the pool needs extra filtration during the week when the pool is used less you can set it for weekdays. The schedules are at your discretion. The Aqua Plus System will keep your swimming pool clean and clear. The system has a chlorine-dispensing unit and you will never have to worry about adding chlorine to your swimming pool again. The advanced technology of the Aqua Plus can even control your backyard lighting, water features and even your sprinkler system. These features can also be used with the wireless system of the Aqua Pod. What other system can do all of that? With the Goldline Control System from Hayward, you will never have to worry about the cleanliness of your swimming pool or spa again.