For those first time swimming pool owners, a GIZZMO is a swimming pool accessory that was designed specifically to absorb the expansion of ice that occurs in the winter months. The GIZZMO simply screws right into your swimming pool skimmer preventing the skimmer from cracking. There are plenty of knock off GIZZMO’s in the industry but the original GIZZMO is manufactured by Marketing World Pool Products.The Pool GIZZMO

By using a GIZZMO you are winterizing pipes and skimmers without having to lower the water level in the swimming pools. You won’t have to drain your swimming pool and that will mean fewer chemicals that are released into the environment. By using a GIZZMO you are saving time and money! There are three different types of GIZZMOS. Let’s take a look and see what each style has to offer.

The Regular GIZZMO

The Regular GIZZMO is designed to help absorb the expansion of winter freeze ups that can sometimes occur when the winters are very cold. The Regular GIZZMO measures in at 9 inches long and is perfect for those swimming pools that have short skimmers that are commonly found in both the above ground and also in-ground swimming pools.

The Regular GIZZMO has a 1-1/2″ thread and it comes with a bar style grip fro easy to handle installation. If you want that professional fit, you can use Teflon Tape with your Regular GIZZMO. Simply place the Teflon tape around the threaded ends of the pipes to help increase the water tightness of the joint. GIZZMOS are made to be used for one season only.


 Super New GIZZMO
The Super New GIZZMO is available in 16″ long and is perfect fro those in-ground swimming pools that have bigger and deeper skimmer baskets. The Super GIZZMO comes in 1-1/2″ and 2″ threads. Like the Regular GIZZMO it comes with an easy to grip handle. The double threads will be more accommodating to most skimmers. Also, like the Regular GIZZMO, you can use Teflon tape for the professional style fit. GIZZMOS are 100% recyclable.

THE Super Duper Ultra GIZZMO

The Super Duper Ultra GIZZMO has the one of a kind sealed air cushion combined with a built in blowout tube. You have a choice of either 1-1/2″ or 2″ threads that let the Super duper GIZZMO accommodate most skimmers. The blowout tubes gives the option if using the Super Duper Ultra as a suction line extension that is used to clear the pool lines without having to lower the water level in the swimming pool. GIZZMOS should only be used for a single season as recommended by Marketing World Pool Products.